Ukraine eliminates the most famous Russian elite sniper


This information, circulated by pro-Russian sources, comes as a blow to the army, which has misreported the figures of these shooters since World War II.

Burial of Alexander Kislinsky.
Burial of Alexander Kislinsky.Twitter
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Alexander Kislinsky was a Russian elite force sniper spetsnazi who fights in Ukrainian War, His death was revealed late last month when Russian channels on social networks VK such as Telegram or Facebook broke the news, as Newsweek reported.

These accounts indicate that Kislinsky died fighting in Donetsk and has already been buried. ,Kei is fighting Nazism, fell defending the Russian people and the land,” read the messages.

Before his death, Kislinsky had clarified his motivations for participating in the invasion of Ukraine, and stated in a video in front of a tank with the ‘Z’ emblem that “his grandfather could not eliminate the Nazi scum. , but that’s what they know. The network was full of proclamations in memory of the veteran soldier calling him “a hero to be remembered forever” and “a warrior.”

Kislinsky’s figure isn’t the only one; Since the start of hostilities with Kyiv on 24 February, Moscow troops have seen other high-profile snipers neutralized.

sergeant Sergei Zharkov, 38 years old, Tambin Ku According to the portal ‘’, on April 10, in an act of service and was posthumously decorated with the Order of Courage. To be “the best sniper in your company”.

Just like that, Irina Starikovaa francotiradora Responsible for the deaths of at least 40 peopleThe wounded were captured by Ukrainian forces, including civilians, after being abandoned by their comrades on the battlefield. Starikova alias ‘Bagheera’ had been fighting with Donetsk separatist forces since 2014.

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