Ukraine ended its Soviet weapons and is now dependent only on supplies from European countries and the US.


NATO is sending heavy weapons to Ukraine, such as howitzers and Hymer rocket artillery, without chronic fears of escalation of the conflict or that Russia may acquire sensitive technology.

A Ukrainian soldier defends his position
A Ukrainian soldier defends his position in the city of Chuguev.Sergei BookAFP
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US military sources said Ukraine was left without its Russian and Soviet-made weapons and was now completely up to its allies to counter the Russian aggression. As a country that was once part of the Soviet Union, Ukraine It has pitched its army and its military industry with Soviet and Russian equipment, small arms, tanks, howitzers and others that cannot be compared with those of its western neighbours. More than three months after the conflict broke out with the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, equipment on the battlefield has already been exhausted or destroyed, US sources say. Now, the Kyiv military is learning to handle or handle weapons used by the United States or European NATO allies.

constant flow

At the start of the war, the West was wary of supplying too much weapons to Kyiv, worrying that doing so would lead to conflict between Russia and NATO. They also feared that their advanced technology would fall into Russian hands. Instead, Ukraine’s allies offered their inventory of Russian-made equipment, including tanks and helicopters, to bolster Kyiv’s troops.

The United States led the effort through other countries of the former Soviet Union to source additional ammunition, parts, and supplies that could meet Ukrainian needs. However, all of that has already been consumed or destroyed. “They no longer exist in the world,” said one US official of Russian or Soviet-made weapons.

This means the Ukrainian military is forced to switch to Western-specific weapons they are unfamiliar with. without conflict or chronic fear of escalation Russia To obtain the sensitive technology, the United States and NATO partners are sending heavy weapons to Ukraine, such as howitzers and Hymer rocket artillery, whose accuracy range is better than the Russians.

Another US military official said that under the umbrella of the Ukraine Liaison Group, the allied defense chief is coordinating aid so that Kyiv’s military can receive a steady stream of ammunition, spare parts and weapons. However, officials insist that if the arrival of weapons appears to be slow, it is mainly because the Allies want to ensure that Ukrainian army can assimilate them continuously and safely, This controlled movement also reduces the risk that the weapons inventory will be destroyed by bombing inside Ukraine. For this reason, the United States is sending teams in stages. The latest $700 million package, announced on June 1, includes four Hymer artillery systems, 1,000 Javelin anti-tank missiles and four Soviet-built Mi-17 helicopters. In addition, it contained 15,000 Ob shells, 15 light armor vehicles and other ammunition. “We try to maintain a constant flow,” commented a second US official.

long range weapons

Kyiv has repeatedly asked for long-range Hymer precision missile systems, but Washington only agreed if it thought Ukraine was ready. General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on Wednesday that while four HIMERS systems were being prepared for Ukraine, training focused on training to operate a platoon simultaneously, a several-week process that took place in shipping. could delay.

Hymer is a “highly sophisticated long-range system,” Milley told reporters. “We have to certify these people to make sure they know how to use the system properly.”

“If they use it properly, effectively, it will have a great impact on the battlefield,” he said. However, according to a US official, The United States does not consider sending its tactical drones to Ukraine The Gray Eagles feared they might strike deep into Russia, a move that would risk pushing Washington into direct conflict with Moscow.

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