Ukraine has claimed another gem of the Russian fleet, Admiral Makarov, in the Black Sea with Neptune missiles


Satellite images show an explosion off the coast of Odessa. According to Ukraine, it is Admiral Makarov who may have been hit by Neptune missiles. the Kremlin denied

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Downloaded: 44.98775. Lengthened 30.66752. 26 miles from Snake Island. Major Makarov would have been killed in the Black Sea at this point.,

Makarov may have been hit by a Neptune missileUkrainian deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko confirmed on Telegram, and “There must have been a fire on board” because of the explosion.: An emergency situation with dispatch – according to some sources – of rescue planes and boats.

Kremlin, Through his spokesman Dmitry Peskov, he immediately denied this. However, satellite images from the Sentinel application show an explosion off the coast of Odessa, ruling out the Russian version.

This is the same area where the cruise ship sank on April 14 Moscowsame part of Black Sea where at the beginning of the war Moscow This symbolized the forcing of the surrender of 13 sailors. guera, And the same plane where, three days earlier, Ukrainian TB-2 drones attacked two Russian Raptor-class patrol boats with laser-guided missiles.


Of course! makarov much smaller than Moscow, but it’s more modern: it’s only five years old and it’s one of the guera most powerful russian Black SeaBest left, according to experts. If it still survives, it is equipped with a cruise missile system. expansion of intelligence To target other ships or submarines within a range of 2,600 km.

Commissioned in 2017, she is a class frigate Almirante Grigorovich and usually has a team of 180/200 people on board, One of the ornaments of the Russian army. Not surprisingly, in July 2018, makarov The most important Russian naval parade performed from St. Petersburg. After being used in her first mission against Syria, once the offensive in Ukraine began, it was used in April against the Queen of the Black Sea, Odessa.

Another revenge? the story of makarov closely associated with Moscow, According to local media – it was US intelligence – which provided Ukrainians with the exact location of the unit. But not only that: a reconnaissance drone was recorded in the area a few hours before the new attack global hawk of the US Air Force, which, again, could have provided the Ukrainians with the information they needed to attack makarovas it happened with Moscow,

Be that as it may, it is clear that there is a problem in Russia. Black Sea, anymore musk invaded and occupied the peninsula of Crimea in Ukraine In 2014, including the port of Sevastopol, Kyiv banned some exports to RussiaIncluding marine engines. simultaneously, musk lost access to the most important shipyard in Black Sea, mykolaivesame where Moscow,

However, a doubt remains. After the sinking of Moscow, why send another important ship within range of Moscow’s missiles? Kyiv, All ships including a class warship Admiral Grigorovich was docked on Sebastopol Till Thursday. In addition, when sailing from a battleship Crimeatended to stay within 100 miles of the Ukrainian coast, avoiding missile range Neptune, what happened next? And the second question: it has also sunk makarov,

three big ships

If the attack is confirmed, it will certainly not be the first attack. in addition to the following MoscowIt is also worth remembering the destruction of the landing ship Saratovsank in March in the port of burdiansk By Ukrainian drone that also harmed sisters Caesar Kunikov You novocherkassk,

According to military analysts, Russia He has only three large fighter ships left. and it is believed that the best makarov,

in the meantime mykolaiveIn the harbour, in front of the statue of Admiral Stepan Osipovich Makarov, born in Kyiv in 1849 and died in 1904, drowned with his crew, someone collected a flower yesterday.

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