Ukraine set fire to a Russian ship in the Snake Island area: “one of the newest in its fleet”


The battle intensifies around this strategic pawn in the Black Sea

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Possible missile attack on Russian landing craft near Snake Island.MAXARAP
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Ukraine The Russian Navy’s Logistics Ship has been damaged near snake islanda small but strategic outpost in Black SeaWhile the relatives of Ukrainian soldiers are taking shelter on the surrounded sidewalk Mariupol They plead to be saved.

resumption of fighting around snake island The last days could turn into a fight for control of the West Coast Black SeaAccording to some defense officials, as Russian forces struggle to advance in the northern and eastern Ukraine,

“Thank you for the actions of our naval sailors, support ship Vsevolod Bobrov There’s a fire, it’s one of the newest in the Russian fleet,” said serhi brachukuspokesman for the regional military administration Odessa,

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Ministry of Defence Russia He has not given any information about the incident at the moment.

satellite images provided by Maxa private company based in AmericaFrom what he said, the results showed that there were possible missile attacks on Russian landing craft. serna-class near the island, near the sea border Ukraine Thief Romania,

The footage also shows recent damage to buildings on the island, which was famous for the foul defense of its Ukrainian defenders in the early days of the invasion.

Relatives of Azovstal soldiers plead for a ransom

Russia faces more setbacks on the battlefield this Friday Ukraine has expelled its troops from the area around the country’s second largest city, jarkovThe fastest progress since he expelled the army of Kremlin from Kyiv And more than a month ago from the Northeast.

Reuters journalists have been able to confirm this Ukraine now in control of the area that extends to the shores of ro siversky donatesabout 40 km (25 mi) east jarkov,

Images published by Airborne Forces Command Ukraine They show several burnt military vehicles and sections of a bridge clearly destroyed and partially submerged in the river.

Regional officials have reported several missile strikes going on around Poltava and bombing fearAlmost jarkovIn which two people have died.

in KyivWives and relatives of Ukrainian fighters take refuge in steel plant azovastal in the southern port of Mariupol They beg for the convenience of their rescue. Russian forces continued to shell the sidewalk, the last bastion of Ukrainian resistance in a city almost entirely controlled by the Russians. Russia After a siege of more than two months.

“I want all the guards present there to return home so that they can lead a normal life with their children and family,” he said. mara zimareva, whose brother is inside the sidewalk. “They’ve earned it. Why can others walk down the street with their loved ones and they can’t? Why doesn’t someone help them?”

Kyiv He replies that he is working to save the army, with several seriously injured. “We have started a new round of talks around a roadmap for the (evacuation) operation. And we will start with those who are seriously injured,” the deputy prime minister said. Irina Vereshchuk For 1+1 television.

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