Ukraine tried the first Russian soldier for war crimes


A captured 21-year-old Russian commander is accused of killing a 62-year-old civilian

Vadim Shishmarin, today, on the bench, in Kyiv.
Vadim Shishmarin, today, on the bench, in Kyiv.AP
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As the Ukrainians fight the Russian advance in their territory, the fight has gone to court. Embodied in the body of an unlucky Russian soldier named Russo on a bench at the court of the Solomensky District of Kyiv Vadim Shishmarin, was captured by Ukrainian forces after shooting an unarmed 62-year-old man on a bicycle while talking on the phone in the head. According to investigators, on February 28, Shishmarin was part of a column that was intercepted by Ukrainian troops.

Television broadcast pictures of the courtroom where the accused was brought, which Faces between 10 and 15 years in prison or life imprisonment under Article 438 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code on ‘violation of the laws and customs of war’.

The first hearing was brief, but the case is of great symbolic importance. It is the first war crimes trial during Russia’s intervention in Ukraine that began in February.

The Kyiv government accuses Russia of atrocities and brutality against civilians during the invasion. Russia denies attacking civilians or participating in war crimes and accuses Kyiv of automatically organizing them to smear its armed forces. but Ukrainian officials say they have identified more than 10,000 possible war crimes,

Private Vadim Shishimarin is 21 years old and was part of the Kantemirovskaya Tank Division of the Moscow Region. The events took place on February 28, east of Kyiv, in the village of Chupazhevka in northeastern Ukraine.

In a statement cited by Reuters, the prosecutor general’s office said the soldier stole a car to escape with four other Russian soldiers when his column was attacked by Ukrainian forces.

“Russian soldiers entered the village of Chupkhivka, where they saw an unarmed resident riding a bicycle and talking on the phone. Prosecutors say the suspect was ordered to kill the civilian so that he could see the presence and location of the Russians. He fired several shots from an open car window with his assault rifle aimed at the civilian’s head. The young man died on the spot, only a few dozen meters away from the house.Ukrainian Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova said in a statement.

Shaycimarin’s lawyer says his client has confessed to killing the victim, but has not yet discussed whether to plead guilty. The alleged crime was committed with an AK-74 rifle.

Blogger Vladimir Zolkin, who films interviews with Russian prisoners, posted a conversation with Vadim Shishmarin in March. The soldier said that after the invasion of Ukraine’s territory, he and his allies “roamed around the area” without fighting. army. Russian Federation. Then “the pillar was shot. And a day later they took me captive, well, I surrendered,” says the Russian soldier in the video.

Ukrainian officials accused the Russian military of committing a range of crimes, from civilian killings to looting, Ukraine’s prosecutor general claims to have investigated more than 10,700 war crimes cases involving more than 600 suspects, including Russian soldiers and civil servants.

In the Kyiv region alone, according to Ukrainian officials, during the occupation (which lasted about a month) about a thousand civilians were killed by the Russian army.

The International Criminal Court is also investigating alleged war crimes., The United Nations Human Rights Council previously approved a resolution to investigate allegations against Russian military personnel participating in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. The document mentions cases of firearms use, torture, sexual violence (among others) that UN representatives documented in Ukraine.

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