Ukraine wins Eurovision and Chanel creates history with a magical third place


Hispanic-Cuban approaches his involvement with Sam Ryder’s night out with his ‘Slomo’ a waste of energy and talent

Kalush Orchestra performs 'Stefania' at Eurovision Finals
The Kalush Orchestra performs ‘Stefania’ at the Eurovision Finals.luca brunoAP
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He came, saw and reigned, taking advantage of the fact that he was in the land of Julius Caesar. I didn’t win but The channel decided that from now on Eurovision will be its territory and the whole of Spain, Because she grows when little opportunity appears and always before, never secondary, Remember that it’s been almost four decades in 1984 without Lady Lady even trying for third place.

Clear victory ended in the territory of the Kalyush Orchestra and Ukraine, A country in the grip of Russian aggression that televotes to first place Despite the dominance of Sam Ryder and Great Britain in the votes of the jury. The Geopolitics of Feelings won a victory in a Europe devoted to solidarity, with a maximum score of 28 out of 40 for Ukrainians, with a war-torn field, with a mix of folk and hip hop, against matchless talent. The antidote was found of the British, who managed to stand out with a ballad in its full version.

But here we come to talk about the performance of an influential channel, perfect in voice and choreography, confirms that she is one of the great historical figures of our country with 459 votes in Eurovision, this country has Achieved the best result ever, which even the most optimist could not dream of. The choice to send a great artist, despite the criticisms, born at the Benidorm Fest following the right path, shows that Spain, whenever it wants and works for it, can compete with the great rulers of Europe. Neither Sweden nor Italy could, with the power of the Spanish representative taking the highest scores from Portugal, San Marino, North Macedonia, Armenia, Ireland, Malta, Sweden and Australia.

Insufficient to dethrone the Ukrainians and close to removing the United Kingdom from second place. Because mommy came and decided that the show was going to be hers. Because Palasport in turn, full to the brim and with a good Spanish representation, He was a step away from falling when Chanel sat on stage with her eternal smile. It was the beginning of the bull fight and everything belonged to him.

It no longer matters that the song is not a literary singularity, nor the condition in which it turns out to be acted. Because Chanel had erased everything with a choreography bordering on perfection and a pass at the height of the great artist that is said to be., Conquering above all the European continent.

No more than a questionable performance on Italian television, on her big night, where she appeared in 10th place. Just before the performance of the hosts, Mahmoud and Blanco, who accompanied their ballads chills He had shrunk the hearts of everyone present and it only served him for sixth place. It was a very high level pass, especially thanks to Mahmood’s voice, which provided him with the warmth he needed in every intimate moment, With the enthusiasm of the masses, it was time to revolutionize and there is no one like Chanel who can do that.

Although tradition says that acting in the first part of the feast usually damages the end result, Spain did not mind. But power came with second-place Swedish Cornelia Jacobs, fourth-placed, and fifth-placed Serbian Konstrakta upset. It was Anand’s victory in a version marked by ballads. Some prefer Swedes or British of excellent quality and other drab ones such as Germany, Belgium, Azerbaijan or Lithuania,

The festivities started off vigorously with electronic pop from Check We Are Domi and quirky songs from Romanian WRS. There will be people who will laugh at Call Me But that flashy styling combination – red chiffon shirt and black sash with glitter – with hello, my kids. Call Me, Call Me is going to be one of the songs of the summer all over the world.

The great surprise is also the soundtrack to enjoy with the Moldovan Zdob i Zdub and the Advahov Brothers – an unattainable name for any human being – who climbed to seventh place in their third participation at Eurovision with the support of Televot, which once again won Eurovision. supported. The opposite direction was decided by the professional jury.

Nor was Saudade’s warmth by the Portuguese beat, shrouded in mist and surrounded by her choir of women, with an energy that was transmitted by the French Alvan and Ahez, who eventually finished with only 17 points. A score that feels inadequate for such a good electronic folk song.

In a gala marked by terrific performances by Italian public television, it was the two presenters, Laura Pausini and Mika, and the eventual winner of the festival, Menaskin, who related the great performances of the night. Worthy of special mention is that the Lebanese Happy Ending is interpreted as a musical finale wrapped in hearts at a time when the world needs them the most.

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