Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska: “Even the war will not separate me from my husband, we will return home”


A television interview is Zelensky’s second public appearance since the start of the conflict: “We haven’t seen each other for two and a half months, my family is destroyed like any Ukrainian family”.

Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska: “Even the war will not separate me from my husband, we will return home”World
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it’s been three months war in ukraineYou Olena Zelenska It all remembers again, on the morning of February 24: “I remember that I was woken up by the noise coming from outside, as probably happened with everyone. It was dark, almost night, and I saw Volodymyr Wasn’t by my side. I went to the next room and he was already wearing a suit but no tie. I asked him, ‘What happened?’ And he said, ‘It has begun.’ I can’t describe the feelings I felt: anxiety, awe. He told me and left. After that, we didn’t see each other again for a long time.”

From First Lady to Iron Lady (and Fire). Olena Zelenska appears on television for the first time with her president husband and, at least, she takes it with irony, who wrote in Second Life Sketch comedian’s zelensky And now he thanks the BBC for bringing them both around a table with a cup of tea and biscuits: “This interview allows us to spend time together…”. “Yeah, a TV date…” laughs from the Ukrainian president’s side, “Thanks, really!”

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What a luxury: “Yes, he lives for his work and in the family we can no longer see him …”. Also because Volodymyr Zelensky was the number one target of the Russians and Olenna and her two kids alexandra You kyrilloAges 17 and 9, target number two.

He’s hiding in the bunker, who knows where: “We haven’t seen him for two and a half months. We just talked on the phone. Our family is destroyed, like any Ukrainian family.” But Olenna makes it very clear: “No one will separate me from my husband, not even the war.”

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apart during the war, Volodymyr You oleina They have always been inseparable in times of peace. Both were born in 1978, they have had a parallel life since the university Krivi Rigo: young and determined zelensky It took eight years to take her away from a boyfriend and make her say yes; olena kyashko She also agreed to be baptized as an adult in an Orthodox church so that he could marry her.

He became increasingly popular with his showsShe left architecture to follow her in studies quarter 95, He was the center of attention and was happy to have his 14-year-old daughter on set; Her backstage was taking care of a boy who had just started elementary school.

In the beginning, to oleina didn’t like the idea zelensky He would give up television for politics: “I was totally against it. I told him very clearly. I saw difficulties. It didn’t even seem like a project to me: it was a total change of direction in our lives.”

She could not have imagined, however, such a plot twist: the last time she saw her husband before this interview was at the funeral of the first Ukrainian president, a few days earlier, kravchuko, “I’ve always hoped to be in the shadows,” Olena once said, “but if your husband does this job, there are duties you can’t delegate to anyone”: first, your nerves of steel. Keep it in a ditch. The first lady is getting it.

“we’ll be back”

“We will return”, he writes on social networks now, “because there is nothing better than coming home”. He wants a normal life: “Back to my school. In my cup. To my chestnuts. To my relatives. We have the misfortune of having a neighbor who shows brotherhood with missiles and terror…”.

Once in a cream suit, oleina wore his Piaget watches. Today spends minutes to keep the family together in the hour of darkness.

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