Ukrainian representatives asked for “immediate help for Ukraine, Mariupol and Azovstal”


Ukraine, one of the great favorites, has sent a strong message asking for help in the war against Russia after its performance to the rhythm of rap

Kalash Orchestra, representing Ukraine, singing Stefania.
Kalash Orchestra, representing Ukraine, singing Stefania.luca brunoAP
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during the end of Eurovision A strong message was expected from the representatives of Ukraine (One of the great favourites) About the war that is ravaging his country. So this was the matter. O. a member ofraquesta kalusho sought immediate help Ukraine, Mariupol and AzovstliAfter finishing his performance.

A cry for help that inspired all who participated in the grand gala of the festival and was widely appreciated by the public. A message came after a great performance with rapper rhythm and great themes ‘Stephania’,

But before that, fifty years after the conflict that gave rise to it and in the context of a similar need, calls for peace to ‘give peace a chance’. John Lennon The Grand Finale has started in Turin (Italy).

It’s been with a staged explanation because Piazza San CarloOne of the most distinctive postcards of this Piedmontese town at the foot of the Alps, where the European festival descended two weeks ago for the start of its rehearsal Olympic Palace,

In that villa built for the 2006 Winter Games, the singer takes the lead. Laura PausiniProgram co-host with fellow musician Micah and “The Showman” alessandro cattalanSome 8,000 people wearing a mask enthusiastically follow the development of the competition.

Twenty-five countries are vying for the coveted glass microphone, with Ukraine As a favorite of bookmakers since the start of the Russian invasion and other applicants who remain strong in predictions, such as UK, Sweden, Italy and Cuban-Spanish ChannelJoe would compete in tenth place with the song “Slomo”.

At the end of the performance of the competition, it is also planned that the audience will enjoy their successes to the fullest. maneskin and the intervention of two Italian winners of the festival: the band Menaskin, winners of 2021, and the emblematic Gigliola Cinqueti, who would perform ‘Non ho l’eta’ in 1974.

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