Unauthorized Drones: A Threat to National Security – See what happened @ LUMPUR – Full story

KUALA LUMPUR: The director-general of DCA (Department of civil aviation) Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said that unauthorized drones could infringe personal liberty and the right to privacy. The flying of Drones or multirotors or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) especially in highly sensitive areas can pose a threat to public safety, aviation safety and national security.

DCA has issued a warning on Tuesday prohibiting the flying of unauthorized drones in the vicinity of airports. A drone took some pictures of an aircraft approaching at the Kuala Lumpur airport and uploaded it. The pictures got viral and created a fear in the minds of netizens that it could lead to another aviation disaster.

“We were concerned that the drone might carry a camera or unwanted goods and fly in prohibited areas, or in the vicinity of the government facilities that could eventually threaten the public safety and security”, he told bernama.

Azharuddin also added that misuse of these drones could also lead to interference in privacy when they were used to take snapshots or make videos. He said DCA required that anyone who wanted to fly a drone should take permission from DCA so that they could keep a check on the activities of the drone and quadcopter reviews could be given accordingly.

“If the drone flies in public areas and crashes, it would certainly worsen the situation. The purpose of giving the permission is to enable us to monitor the flight of the drones.” He said. “There are many advantages of using drones for example during massive flooding that hit several states recently, drones were used for sending aids to cut-off areas.” He added.

Hence, in order to create awareness among drone enthusiasts, the DCA will hold a special briefing in the near future which would give detailed views and restrictions on the use and operation of UAV’s which will be held at the 13th langkawi international Maritime and Aerospace exhibition from march 17th to 21st.

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