Unblocking agri-food instead of lifting sanctions: Putin’s rdago moving forward in the Donbs


Russian president set to increase exports of fertilizers and agricultural products

A missile in Lysychansk, in the field
A missile at Lisichansk in the Donbs region.AFP
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As Russian forces advance into the Donbass, President Vladimir Putin speaks with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, and with his German ally, Olaf ScholzoAnd told them that Russia is ready to resume talks with Ukraine and ease the food crisis caused by the war.

As the Kremlin progressed, Putin ready to increase export of fertilizers and agricultural products if the restrictions are lifted.

Putin told the two leaders that Russia is ready to explore options for export of grain without any hindranceIncluding Ukrainian grain from Black Sea ports.

In agreement with the Kremlin, Putin has assured both European leaders that The Russian military is dedicating itself to “making peace” Areas that Russia has taken in eastern Ukraine, notably the city of Mariupol, where “the Russian armed forces strictly comply with the norms of international humanitarian law”.

Globally, the seriousness of the food situation created by an attack on Ukraine by Russia, which has choked its ports on the Black Sea, is worrying. The crisis may be caused by a shortage of fertilisers, of which Russia is the world’s leading exporter. This week the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der LeyenAccused Russia of deliberately halting its grain exports and intercepting Ukrainian ships loaded with grain in the Black Sea. a way to blackmail the west and cause price increases In the world market, later to negotiate the support of some countries.

Russia’s progress in the Donbass

Gradually, Russia makes its way into the Donbs. Moscow claims that Its forces are in complete control of the Ukrainian city of Lyman.A railway junction in the Donetsk region. The city is located 40 kilometers west of Severodnetsk, the largest city in the Donbes that is still in Ukrainian hands.

Russian propaganda says this is not a war but a special operation. And it ensures that only military infrastructure is attacked. but About 90% of the buildings in Severodnetsk are damaged.

Ukrainian and Russian forces had been fighting for control of Lyman for several days. The victory could help Moscow set the stage for the next phase of the Kremlin’s offensive in eastern Ukraine.

These Russian victories signal a change in the war trend, And the Russian army is likely to try to cross the Donets River in the next few days. Some Russian media assure that the idea of ​​attempting a re-attack on Kyiv is gaining force in the Kremlin.

In his conversations with Macron and Scholz, the Russian leader noted The “dangerous nature” of the continuation of Western arms supplies to Ukraine, Putin warned that “arming Ukraine with Western weapons destabilizes the situation and could exacerbate the humanitarian crisis.”

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