Unions call their contract negotiators to instruct them not to raise wages unless the companies


Uncontrolled inflation gives rise to social tension. The CCOO and UGT are already working in the scenario of labor conflict so that the companies agree to increase the wages at the rate of CPI. Sordo seeks tax penalty in corporate tax

CEOE President Antonio Garamendi talks with L
CEOE President Antonio Garamendi talks with CCOO leader Unai Sordo in a recent institutional act.EFE

Inflation and its consequences are opening up a deep gap in the relationship between workers and companies that may worsen in the coming months. CCOO and UGT convened 1,500 negotiators of collective agreements in Madrid yesterday Instructing employees to maintain a firm and increasingly tense position with employers to see their wages increase in accordance with the CPI. a 8% over the next three years with a review section at the end of each year.

Workers’ representatives are thus opposed to renewing any social agreements with companies without wage increases that would prevent wages from losing the slightest purchasing power. The possibility of agreeing on sacrifices by both sides was exhausted after the failure of the talks of Agreement for employment and collective bargaining Unanimous rejection of the income agreement proposed by the government last spring and.

In favor of the trade union strategy of increasing tension is the fact that, being a temporary phenomenon, inflation is here to stay, which increases the loss of value of wages and the resultant inconvenience to the workers. In May, prices increased by 8.7% and are forecast to end 2022 with an increase of 7.15%. As of April, the average wage growth recognized in the agreements—the key indicator—was 2.4%.,

Against this, unions have the fact that agreements barely cover five lakh employees And they are very nuclear in terms of their nature, as they can be corporate, regional, provincial … Union organizations find it difficult to coordinate a common strategy with the different rhythms of negotiation of each agreement.

In any case, and in whatever area the conflict may break out, and next July, the forecast is to Demonstration in front of Employers Headquarters, The associations know that the pulse will last until the fall and certainly after that. CEOE President, Antonio GaramendiThere were already warnings last Wednesday that companies were not going to sign the wage guarantee clause as it would push inflation even higher.

Unai Sordo, Secretary General of the CCOOdescribed the statement yesterday as a sign of cynicism since the so-called second round of inflation, when businessmen are already generating it by applying costs to final prices.

Sordo pointed out that if the employers do not agree to a settlement, they will pressure the government to act on the matter and intervene through taxes, i.e., Establishing minimum rates in corporate income tax To transfer some of those business surpluses to the income of those who have the least.

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