United Kingdom proposes to split Moldova to face possible Russian invasion


Truss indicated that these plans were being analyzed within the Atlantic Alliance, so that if accepted, member states could provide defense weapons to the former Soviet republic.

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British Foreign Secretary, liz trussWants to equip modern “NATO standard” weapons moldavianeighbors of UkraineIn anticipation of a possible attack by Russia, publishes this Saturday Daily Telegraph,

In an interview with the newspaper, truss indicated that these plans are being analyzed Atlantic AllianceSo that, if accepted, member states could provide defense weapons to the former Soviet republic.

“I want to see Moldova equipped according to standards” otani, We are having this conversation with our allies.”

“(Russian President Vladimir) Putin He has made clear his ambitions to create a larger Russia, and the fact that his attempts to take Kyiv were unsuccessful does not mean that he has given up on those ambitions.”

to like Ukraine, moldaviaSouthwest of that country, is not a member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and fears that it may be the next target of Putin in its regional expansion plan.

According to the newspaper, the idea would be to prepare moldavia With current equipment, to replace them from Soviet times, and to train its armed forces in its use as a defense and deterrence mechanism against a possible Russian attack.

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