United v can park their internal struggles in the face of Teresa Rodriguez’s push to promote 19-J

It took almost a month and a half for United We Can to realize that they needed to, at least momentarily, cover the cracks in the coalition left by the struggle to lead the Andalusian leftist candidacy to gain momentum in the election. is required. put more up hill And in which the great competitor, Teresa Rodriguez, is gaining ground.

After a fight between Yolanda Diaz and Pablo Iglesias to nominate the head of the list—which the vice president won by imposing Inma Nieto—and Podemos’ revenge with the dismissal of Amanda Meyer as chief of staff at Irene Monteiro’s ministry of equality. , Izquierda Unida and Podemos staged this Tuesday two sisters (Seville) The unity they have not shown in recent months and not only because of friction over the Andalusian candidacy, but also because of the “broad front” project led by the vice president.

To heal wounds, or to appear so, for the first time in the whole Andalusian campaign, a minister from Podemos, the head of social rights, Ioan Bellara, and the United Left, consumer, Alberto Garzón, came on stage, who, in its In addition, there are the leaders of their respective parties. And he did it not just in any act, but in what is considered the central rally of the campaign led by Inmaculada Nieto.

Of course, Belara and Garzon didn’t have much of a coincidence in the same place. not even half an hourhow long did the minister take Know To get on stage, give your speech and quickly exit the Los del Rio Municipal Auditorium in the municipality of Nazarene.

Belras in his speech chest out For the achievements of the coalition government between Unidas Podemos and PSOE, which he defined as “the first civilized government of this country”. He did not forget to mention the loss due to menstruation as one of the main achievements, although he also highlighted the work of other ministers. KnowIncluding Garzon and Diaz, with whom the leader of Podemos hasn’t had the best of relationships in recent months.

The Minister of Social Rights recalled some of the options given to him to sit on the Council of Ministers and how he managed it, as he did in a matter of days, to be achieved in Andalusia. especially “if progressives come out to vote,” he said in a message aimed at mobilizing people voter disenchantment and are indifferent to the fractures of the Left and the struggles they cause.

Bellara was not able to hear the speech of her Council of Ministers colleague, who also highlighted the successes of the government coalition, but privatized them in one person, Vice President Diaz, notably. labor reformAnd without giving a word to the many people who signed up purple,

The Garzon has devoted itself exclusively to condemning it. right wing politics and the “radical program for the dissolution of the public sector” which can be found when “scratching” the proposals of Juanma Moreno’s PP.

Paraphrasing Walter Friedman, IU’s general coordinator, accused the board’s chairman of “selling the state to pieces” and taking measures such as tax reform, only for the benefit of a minority, “300 Rich Families” To which, he pointed out, they have lowered taxes and those who can, among other things, pay for private health care.

Similarly, he urged that the process of building the Por Andaluca coalition proceed from election Sunday and “keep building” its left position,

alberto garzoo
Alberto Garzon, Yolanda Dazs and Inma Nieto, in the bus in which they arrived at the rally.by Andaluca

Along with Bellara and Garzon, Vice President Dazs, who has gone from profiling himself to becoming more involved in the electoral contest than the candidate he has campaigned for. Pressure By Pablo Iglesias for placing the Civil Guard Juan Antonio Delgado on the poster.

Díaz Nieto’s campaign and Por Andaluca become the main claim of the coalition. widespread ignorance Of the two brands, the candidate’s personal and the electoral one were decided at the last minute and in a fraudulent process that was going to blow up the IU-Podemos alliance and, in fact, end up with the party. purple Officially out of confluence.

call for mobilization

So much so that the Vice President focused on convening his speech in front of a half-timbered auditorium composition, not just in appealing to those who vote for IU, Podemos or Ms. As doing Moreno’s PP, Diaz addressed socialist voters “who have doubts” and whom he asked to “give us a chance.”

Diaz has insisted that “it is worth voting” and has demonstrated this with a coalition government in Madrid. He has proved, he reiterated, that “things can be changed.”

is not saved critics In these three and a half years to the administration of the Andalusian president, whom he has accused of selling “the Andalusian miracle that is false”. Unemployment rates, pensions and low wages, he said, destroy Moreno’s data. “It’s not going to be a miracle, it’s not going to invoke the Virgen del Rocco,” he said, referring to the former employment minister of PP Fitima Bez.

Also, he criticized it vowel conceptwhich he accused of “hiding” his program because if he showed it “Andalusians would not vote for him” and highlighted the rally attended by the extreme right Italian leader Giorgia Meloni, which is “scary”.

For all these reasons, he repeatedly reiterated the need to go to the polls next Sunday because “Andalusia has a future”. bipartisanship, “They didn’t win in 2018, we lost ourselves because we stayed at home,” he concluded.

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