United we can now propose to extend painful rule casualties to university students


The Ministry of Social Rights and Injury supports the measure in the new Youth 2030 strategy

Irene Monteiro and Jose
Irene Monteiro and Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.EFE
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They don’t want to curb what they see as a positive dynamic. The United We Can sector in government celebrates these days that the PSOE for painful regulations in the new abortion law has won the pulse of casualties and withdrew the Socialists, only to withdraw their initiative to include the abolition of prostitution in the law. have taken. Yes Yes Yes – PSOE has registered its law for its elimination on its own-. in this context, ministry of social rightsDirected by Ione Belarra, the educational sector seeks to extend sick leave due to painful regimes.

The Council of Ministers this week approved the Youth Strategy 2022-2030, a state policy document intended, as the government has said, to integrate, harmonize, guide and provide a combined meaning to all regional youth policies of all ministries.

It is within the framework of this strategy that the painful rule intended to extend withdrawal – which led to conflict within the government prior to its approval – is devised for female students. We want to continue moving along this line, I expected Mara Teresa President, CEO of Spanish Youth Institute (Injuway), affiliated to the Department of Social Rights. They believe from this ministry that it is necessary to take advantage of the path marked by parity with the abortion law, which the government also approved in the first round this week.

We have incorporated into this strategy that the educational field also respects absence due to traumatic rules, i.e. if you are in a lot of pain, dizziness, nausea, vomiting or fainting, it is obvious that you cannot concentrate. may or may not pay. The director of Injuway explains that pay attention in class, so you can stay at home instead of going to institute or university, and that absence can’t result in any form of punishment or academic harm.

After intense debate within government coalitions over a painful rule or the abolition of VAT on women’s hygiene products, United We Can wants to increase the measure. from ministry of equality The impact of sick leave on Social Security due to a painful and inefficient rule has already been estimated at 23.8 million euros.

And just as the new abortion law promoted by Irene Monteiro fixes that 16- and 17-year-old girls can abort a pregnancy without parental authorization, social rights have also served to spur public debate on the age reduction for abortion. has been offered. , Belara says that this is the best way to make youth participation effective and real.

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