Universities tighten their language policy and will require teachers to be certified to Catalan level C


The Generalitat and the Rector continue to adopt measures to remove the Spanish from the faculties.

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A professor at a Catalan university delivers the exam.EFE
  • education They enable “mailboxes” to condemn teachers using Spanish in Catalan universities.

waiting for him generally Comply with the TSJC’s proposal on 25% Spanish in schools, has taken a new impulse with the support of the nationalist offensive to have definite control over Catalan universities, reiterating the system of ideological intervention suffered by infant, primary and secondary education centers Most rectors propose to move to the monolingual model in Catalan. This much Interuniversity Council Catalan (CIC) has recently approved the commitment of the C1 level requirement of Catalan for new and final teachers, in line with the requirements of the plan to strengthen the Catalan language in the university promoted by the Generalitat.

All the rectors of the university except one Abbot Oliva-ceuThose who chose to remain absent supported a measure that would pose a serious threat to the continuity of many temporary teachers and a new obstacle for teachers in other parts of the country. Spain Or join the Catalan university system abroad.

This initiative of the CIC reinforces the principle of the Department of Education with Socialist, based on a Decree Law of 2010. if montilla Acting as the chairman of the Generalitat, which already included a requirement for all teachers to know Catalan, although this left the door open for some exceptions and did not specify a way to recognize that knowledge.

The 2010 law’s lack of definition allowed, for example, that it was the faculty itself, who would certify, through a test or delivery of certain papers, whether the teacher had sufficient knowledge of Catalan. On the other hand, the new scheme of the Generalitat, which has a budget of 4.5 million euros, urges universities to require all new or temporary teaching staff to have a certificate of Catalan level C. Similarly, the government will make it easier for students to report Spanish-speaking teachers and have more control over the Catalan level of students over a master’s degree in secondary teacher training.

This new step taken by the ERC and JxCat executive concerns many professors from Catalan universities, some of whom have already received a written reminder from the governing team of their respective faculties of the obligation to certify Catalan level C. The request has been received. “There is a political desire to turn the Catalan University into a hostile territory for Spanish and other languages, a closed space that discourages the arrival of professors and students to and from other parts of Spain. hispanoamerica, A policy that would be very harmful in master’s and doctoral programmes”, a professor at the University of Barcelona (UB) who prefers to remain anonymous to avoid retaliation, condemned the newspaper.

In its attempt to corner the use of Spanish, the monastery of Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) has approved a proposal from the center’s board of directors to restrict the use of Spanish in its internal communications. The final decision is in the hands of the rector, oriole amataA famous activist for the separation of Catalonia And he was JxCat’s deputy. However, there is no fixed period for deciding the matter.

The UPF faculty, which according to the Supreme Court violated the principle of political neutrality by publishing a manifesto defending the prisoners of the 2017 coup, advocates “exclusive use of Catalan in internal communications and publications on the university’s social network institutions” . of the UPF group as a whole”. Removing any use of Spanish, but not English, as it can be used “additionally” as it is the “lingua franca of the Academy”.

in parallel, University of Barcelona (UB) approved a new regulation that adds barriers to the use of Spanish in the classroom, for example, by preventing a teacher from switching from Catalan – the “language of preferred use” – to Spanish at any time, if It is known that this subject will be taught in Spanish during the course. In addition, to avoid any bilingual temptations, next year UB will start a pilot test of simultaneous translation from Spanish to Catalan in classrooms, to avoid “requests to change languages”, according to an email sent to all teachers. Can you About the teaching that happens when there is a student who doesn’t understand the language”.

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