University students kill a classmate for committing blasphemy against Muhammad


Two students have been arrested for the attack on Deborah Samuel, which was recorded on video and caused strong outrage

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Captured video of the attack that went viral in Nigeria.

Crowd of students from a university in North West Nigeria kill and burn to death An aide to the alleged blasphemous statements about Mohammed this Thursday, a witness confirmed to Efe today.

“She was accused of posting a message insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad in a WhatsApp group,” a university student who requested anonymity told Efe.

“(his attackers) were particularly irritated because She was a Christian. They forcibly took her away from the security post where she was hiding, thrashed and burnt her,” said the student.

happened in the event Shehu Shagrim University in the city of sokotoThe capital of the state of the same name.

The attackers celebrated the death of their victim, According to this source, identified as Deborah Samuel.

Video of attack viral in NigeriaA, causing great resentment among the population.

In a statement, Sokoto State Police spokesman, Sanusi Abubakar indicated that Two students have been arrested.

For his part, the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Saad Abubakar, the religious leader of the Muslim Ummah community in Nigeria, condemned the killing and urged the authorities to ensure that the perpetrators face justice.

A woman in 2016 –Bridget Agbahime– For another alleged blasphemy against Muhammad, he was also murdered in a market in the city of Kano in northern Nigeria.

Also, in 2020, a Kano State Sharia Court Give death sentence to one man, Yahya Sharif-AminuFor alleged blasphemy in a song circulated through the WhatsApp instant messaging application.

Although there are no official figures, a report by the Pew Research Center estimated that approximately 49% of Nigeria’s population is Muslim, with a similar percentage as Christians.

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