Uproar on Chanel in San Isidro: “It reminds me of Salome”


The singer, the brand new third place at Eurovision, performs in Madrid at the celebration of the capital

Chanel, received this Sunday at Madrid airport
Chanel, this Sunday at Madrid airport just arrived from Turin.Europa Press
  • Eurovision 2022 Chanel climbs into Eurovision’s feminine Olympus: it dazzles viewers and drives Spain crazy with its Chanelzo

Chanel madness has already arrived in Madrid. one hour before roSpanish representative at Eurovision After arriving at the Plaza Mayor, access is already being cut off by the city police despite there still being gaps in the central enclave due to security protocols.

So hundreds of citizens are waiting for their opportunity to watch the channel recently Arrival in Spain after its third place in the festivall was not a victory but in our country, accustomed to Eurovision disappointment, it has been lived as one. regardless of age.

Marissa is 75 and waiting to go to the Plaza Mayor to turn Slomo. “I don’t know what that is, but we do it if necessary”Makes fun of a group of like-minded teens. “It reminds me of Salome, But we didn’t have your youth,” he concluded.

Already inside the Plaza Mayor, many people from Madrid are waiting for the arrival of the Hispano-Cuban artist. most of them red carnation or its chulpo hat to honor the day of San Isidro, “I wish we could celebrate a result like this at Eurovision every year,” says Diana, 27, from Madrid, who will ‘forever’ remember this San Isidro.

“thing is being last was no longer funwanted them to give us a pleasure because we deserve it”, says his friend Juan

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