US announces a new delivery of state-of-the-art missiles to Ukraine, but with limited range to avoid attacks on Russian territory


The new shipments include the HIMERS system (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) or MLRS, a mobile unit that can launch multiple of precision guided missiles.

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America Announced the shipment of advanced missile systems on Tuesday Ukraine, and this new donation could mean a change of direction in the war with Russia. new weapon sistema himars ,High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) O MLRSA mobile unit that can perform multiple launches of precision guided missiles.

Too many Ukraine as Russia systems are already working MLRSBut, he Himarsi They have better range and accuracy.

rocket system will allow Ukraine “Hit major targets on the battlefield more accurately.” However, there are plans to limit their range to prevent them from being used on targets. Russia, “We’re not going to send Ukraine missile system that can strike inside RussiaPresident Joe Biden gave assurances on Monday.

What system will the US provide?

This is a modern version of System M142 Hymermounted on an agile wheeled system and is lighter than the tracked version of M270 MLRS Developed in the 70s.

sistema himars It will have an average range of 80 kilometers with a pre-charged battery of six 227mm guided missiles (two in the M270s), or a single charge ATACMS Strategic MissilesAccording to US officials.

A small group can operate Himarsi And without the aid of other vehicles, replace a fired missile load and mount a new one in minutes.

The announcement did not elaborate on how many of these systems would be distributed. Ukraine,

Why are these new missile systems so valuable?

loss MLRS darn a Ukraine The ability to attack Russian targets behind enemy lines and from afar and better protected by Russia’s own long-range weapons.

GPS-guided missiles fired by Himarsi they have almost double the range M777 abusesrecently given to Ukraine, He frees up about a 50-mile range Himarsi From enemy artillery, threatening the Russian battery.

The system could also be a threat to Russian supplies suffering from logistical deficiencies.

America do not give in ATACMS SystemThe range of which reaches up to 300 km.

Some analysts say that Himarsi can generate a “change of course” in gueraat a time when Ukraine It appears to have suffered under fierce Russian artillery. But other experts believe Himarsi it doesn’t mean to turn abruptly guera,

Why does Washington limit its scope?

from the beginning of war in ukraine Last 24 February, America has been very careful not to support Kyiv with actions that may cause musk Take the war beyond the Ukrainian borders.

This includes attacks not openly endorsed by Ukraine inside of Russia, Frequently Kyiv has used its own rockets, drones and helicopters to hit short-range targets near the provinces of kursky You Belgorod,

And America render ATACMS Missile to use in HimarsiThey could theoretically give them the ability to attack large Russian urban centers and military bases.

“The Ukrainians have given a guarantee that they will not use these systems against Russian territory,” a US official said.

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