US court dismisses rape case against Cristiano Ronaldo


Former model Katherine Mayorga reopened the case in 2018, trying to quash the deal for which she received half a million dollars from the soccer player, arguing that she signed it under pressure.

mi.  Cristiano Ronaldo during training
Cristiano Ronaldo during training in Lisbon on Wednesday.AFP

A United States court dismisses an alleged rape trial against a football player Cristiano Ronaldo presented more than a decade ago By former model Catherine Mayorga, according to court documents.

Mayorga’s charge in 2009 Manchester United player now held for sexual assault in Las Vegas hotel room.

The June 10 decision of this Nevada city court followed the recommendations of Judge Daniel Albreguets, who Last October it recommended sacking court case.

“It is recommended to accept Ronaldo’s proposal to terminate the sanctions case. It is further recommended that Mayorga’s action dismissed With prejudice,” the judge said then.

The charges against the Portuguese were leveled more than a decade ago and Mayorga’s claims were settled out of court 13 years ago. I got a month for the average millennial dollar Of the Portuguese striker, then with Real Madrid.

However, in 2018, Mayorga initiated proceedings to void their initial agreement, Arguing that it was signed under pressureBut without giving any kind of legal argument.

las Mayorga’s new claims were categorically rejected by Ronaldo When he presented his defense before a Las Vegas court, where the complainant requested $77 million in fresh compensation for damages and costs.

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