US director of national intelligence predicts a long war with risk of outbreak in Moldova


Putin may try to annex the strip of southern Ukraine with Transnistria

National Director and US Intelligence, Avril Haines.
National Director and US Intelligence, Avril Haines.AP
  • moldavia Transnistria, the model that Putin tries to export to Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine will continue. Vladimir Putin is preparing for a long and difficult conflict, and will likely seek to annex the strip of southern Ukraine, which he controls, with Transnistria, a region of Moldova that Russia has occupied since 1992. . There is no sign of a diplomatic solution in short term, although it seems highly unlikely that Moscow will employ nuclear weapons unless Putin fears the regime is in danger.

The opinion of Avril Haines, the United States’ National Director of Intelligence and Intelligence, is presented today before that country’s Senate. The person with the most espionage in that country estimates that Putin keeps thinking that time is on his side and, moreover, that the economic war is about to overwhelm Russia. “Very likely, Putin believes that he has more capacity and will than his opponents to meet the challenges, and perhaps It is expected that the determination of the United States and the European Union will weaken Because of food shortages, inflation and falling energy prices,” Haines said.

While Haynes was speaking, the United States House of Representatives has begun debate on whether to approve the distribution of $40,000 million (37,900 million euros) of aid to Ukraine and other countries. Much of that amount is military material, adjusted for inflation, the largest aid by the US to a country at war since the Vietnam War. Biden made 33,000 million . had requestedBut, in a show of House support for Ukraine, legislators have decided to increase the aid by another 7,000 million.

Washington has exhausted almost all the resources Congress has authorized to help Ukraine. At the time, the White House only had an additional $100 million (€95 million) left. Meanwhile, on Monday, Biden signed the Lend-Lease Act, which gives him tremendous autonomy to distribute almost any type of military material to Ukraine, with the sole exception of weapons of mass destruction. That legal formula was only used in World War II, mainly with Great Britain and the USSR. Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin said that without America’s help through the Lend-Lease law, the USSR would have lost the war against Hitler.

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