US helped Ukraine sink the Russian cruiser Moskva


The US may have helped pinpoint the exact location of the missile cruiser to allow Ukraine to attack

Russian ship Moskva. The first images of the alleged destruction ofWorld

The United States helped sink a Russian cruiser from Ukraine and the flagship of Ukraine’s Black Sea Fleet ‘Moskva’ on 14 April. The television network ‘NBC’ and the newspaper ‘The Washington Post’ say today that the Defense Department The United States has identified the ship and confirmed its location. At the request of Ukraine.

After being hit by ‘Moskva’ went to the bottom of the sea Two anti-ship missiles of Ukrainian design and manufacture R-360 ‘Neptune’. According to the US, a “significant” number of the 510 people who made up the ship’s crew were killed in the attack. With a length roughly equal to that of two football fields, the ‘Moskva’ became the largest battleship sunk in the war since 1945. The cruiser, along with her sisters ‘Marshal Ustinov’ – in the Arctic Fleet – and ‘Varyag’ – in the Pacific – the largest surface ship of the Russian Navy.

According to information from ‘NBC’, Ukraine detected the presence of a ship in the Odessa region, a Ukrainian city that Russia wants to capture and has bombed on several occasions, and which is located on the Black Sea coast. Kyiv then asked the United States for more information about the ship. Washington’s reply was that the ship was ‘Moskva’. Since Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February, the US has provided Kyiv with information about the activities of Russian units.

Typically, the data is obtained from US military satellite. This data is then transferred to the Ramstein base in Germany, where it is analyzed and removed elements that could reveal US technical secrets, and is shipped to Ukraine. Thus, the government of that country receives information about 30 minutes to an hour after the Russian movements took place.

Cooperation between the two countries did not end with the identification of the Russian cruiser. According to NBC, which has sources not from Ukraine but only from the US, that country’s government asked the Pentagon to confirm Moskva’s position. Washington agreed, although it claims that He did not know that Kyiv was going to attack the ship. Subsequently, the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired missiles, in an operation in which they probably used a drone as an element of entertainment to attract the attention of ‘Moskva’ anti-aircraft security. The destruction of the cruiser had a huge impact on the Russian government. According to American media, the loss of ‘Moskva’ has been caused by Vladimir Putin Decided to stop talks with Ukraine.

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News of the US role in the Moskva sinking comes just a day after the New York Times published that the United States Department of Defense provided Ukraine with information that allowed that country to kill a dozen Russian generals. has given. The Pentagon has denied the news, which has also called it “irresponsible”. Last week, the ‘Washington Post’ also published a report on• Acts of sabotage by the Belarusian Democratic Opposition Against the country’s railways through which Putin moved his troops in the first months of the war, it was implied that US spying would inform Belarusian activists where and how to act.

Many in Washington believe these leaks upset Moscow, and threaten Putin to spark a new escalation of war. However, others believe that the fact that the US is bragging about its military cooperation with Ukraine shows that Washington is becoming a little more convinced every day that Moscow does not have the military capability to prevail in the war.

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