US media identifies third American missing in Ukraine


This is Grady Kurpaci, a former Marine Corps member who traveled to Ukraine as a volunteer at the end of March

American Grady Kurpaci.
American Grady Kurpaci.Twitter
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Meaning of America They identified a third former US soldier who went missing this Thursday UkraineAfter yesterday there were reports of two other veterans whose whereabouts are unknown.

chain CNN and diary Washington Post Heeson Kim, the wife of a former US Marine Corps member. Grady Kurpasiwho traveled to Ukraine at the end of March to volunteer to fight the Russians.

Kurpasi He has been missing since April 26, when he was assigned an observation post to assist in the evacuation of civilians.

The post has already published that two other former american soldierwho were fighting in the east near Kharkiv Ukrainehas been missing for a week and it is feared that Russian army According to their families caught them.

white House noted that he could not confirm whether Americans would have been KidnappedBut assured that, if true, the government would do “everything it can” to bring them back. America,

the other two are missing Alexander J. DrukeAge 39, who previously served in the U.S. served in the military, and Andy Tai Huanho27 more who were in the Marine Corps.

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as explained by families At those outlets, both Drucke and Huan called on June 8 to tell them that they won’t be able to contact you for a while, because they were going to do a mission of several days and from then on, they haven’t been contacted again,

Drucke’s mother, Lois, told The Washington Post that she received a call on Monday another american that he was in Ukraine with his son and assured that he had intercepted information that indicates both ex-servicemen They must have been captured by Russian soldiers.

Druke told his family that i was in ukraine To teach the army of that country to use weapons made in America, While Huynh volunteered to fight with the Ukrainians, her fiancée, Joy Black, detailed the post.

America It has urged its citizens not to travel to Ukraine, but hundreds are believed to have defied warnings and went on to fight Russia.

exact number of Americans who are in Ukraine; But, when the war broke out in February, Ukrainian official He said 4,000 had expressed interest in visiting the European country.

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