Vaccines against HPV, a sexually transmitted infection to which 90% of adults are exposed, even for children


Vaccinating boys before the age of 15 will help cut transmission of human papillomavirus (HPV), which is the onset of precancerous lesions.

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  • study Vaccines against human papillomavirus reduce cervical cancer rates by 87%
  • Investigation They found that the human papilloma virus can also cause prostate cancer.

There are some 266,000 12 year olds in Spain today who are a . are candidates for vaccination against virus that a lifetime Responsible for genital warts and tumors of the penis and anus, Not only will the human papillomavirus vaccine overcome these health problems, but they will also help Cuts transmission of pathogen in sexual intercourse, one in twenty countries of europeThirty in the world, there is health coverage for this puncture. Catalonia has recently announced that starting next year will add to the calendar And Galicia follows.

The vaccine is recommended by the Vaccine Committee of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP), but Spanish Parents Have to Pay Two Doses if They Have a SonA truth that doesn’t happen to girls. Health sources assure this newspaper that the Health Vaccine Report is already taking this step and studying, and they dare to say that could be a reality by 2023,

The vaccine has been approved since 2006, but only in women. Federico Martin-Torres, member of the World Health Organization’s Vaccine Advisory Committee and Head of Pediatrics at the University Clinical Hospital of Santiago: “HPV infects both women and mencausing both asymptomatic infection and genital wartsAs in some cases, cnceres,

The importance of preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is that 85-90% of sexually active men and women will get HPV at some point in their lives. “That’s why it’s important that boys and girls get two doses of the vaccine before the age of 15, before they have their first relationship,” underlined Jose Manuel Moreno, medical director and co-director of the Department of Pediatrics. University Clinic Navarre. Recommends the use of AEP 9-valent vaccine (against the nine most common subtypes of the pathogen),” although in early 2016 we recommended Inform families about the option of using this vaccine for their sons”, explains NGL Hernández-Merino, advisor to the AEP Vaccines Committee.

Faced with this situation, Martin-Torres explains that “so far we have focused primarily on cancer”. uterine cervixmost persistent, and exclusive to women. Cancers of the penis or anus, also related to HPV and affecting menare less frequent, but they lack alternative detection systems that allow us to perform secondary prevention”.

It’s been four years since pediatricians and vaccine experts recommended HPV vaccination for boys as well. Hernández-Merino states that “we already know that The effect multiplies when both sexes are vaccinated“. He does not hesitate to state that there are more than twenty countries in the world that include it because “above all it is effective and safe”, but also because in the medium term “This will allow us to truly eradicate the lesions responsible for tumor growth.,

For this reason, Moreno explains that “over this time we have seen that the vaccine has a clear utility in the prevention of precancerous lesions and has led to a decline in tumor cases in women.” In this sense, Martin-Torres states that “although they are related to viruses in only 25–30% of cases, they are increasing, and are responsible for a very significant number of tumors in both men and women, and as Overall, there are already countries in which this cancer occurs more frequently than in the cervix”.

Data from the National Epidemiological Surveillance Network provided by AEP to Health indicate that Coverage among girls is 82.4%“In children, although you can get the vaccine for a fee, there is no good record of doses given and there is a lot of disparity between communities,” Hernández-Merino explains. Another problem is that there Four autonomous communities that have not provided data in their areas, without giving any explanation of the reasons: Aragon, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Castilla y León, In the case of Aragon and the Balearic Islands, the lack of transparency on vaccination coverage “has been going on for years. And we have not been able to avoid that stumbling block,” insists an AEP spokesperson.

Science has demonstrated the usefulness of vaccines as a preventive weapon over the years. “We are still not sure whether Male vaccination will allow us to achieve the goal of controlling head and neck cancerAlthough it probably is. At the present time, data is being collected and actively monitoring whether these tumors are reducing even in the first group of subjects vaccinated against HPV, which will provide us with definitive scientific evidence”, Martin-Torres telling.

In general, For every two HPV-related cancers that occur in women, there is one case in men., “Therefore, the importance is still quite high in the female, but it is by no means negligible in the male. characters gayThe incidence of pathology related to human papillomavirus is even higherWhich makes them a particularly high-risk group, which is why this sign is free in our country as well, as is the sign for women”.

All experts say vaccinating men against HPV “would also be desirable” For equity, for direct health effects on menand why we Will accelerate gains in female population Already managing to control the circulation of the virus and, therefore, advance the eradication of cervical cancer, is the objective set by the WHO”, point out both Martín-Torres and Hernández-Merino.

it means taking Do not miss the target of 100 percent immunization of girls included in the vaccination program And “we must actively protect and vaccinate all girls or women who stopped vaccination in their days because of fraud, unfounded fear or manipulation,” explains Moreno.

In short, as Martin-Torres concludes, “vaccinating men could allow us to accelerate the global benefits of vaccination, but at the same time protect them equally. This is undoubtedly a matter of public health.” There is a strategic opportunity for

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