Vanessa Villetodo, the woman who cares for the skin of celebrities: “The most important beauty treatment is sunscreen”

the treatment estrela for the stars Hollywood It has its own name, Hydrafacial. It is chosen by most actresses on big dates – the Oscars, for example, when this protocol is most requested by those walking the red carpet. among his declared fans are Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez You Cameron Daz, who doesn’t hesitate to tell about it regularly on their social networks. And the success is such that our country has also become best seller oxygenate the skin and restore radiance before an important event; Hence the multitude of its unconditional supporters, among others paz vegaJuana Acosta, Monica Cruz, Maria Leone, Natalia de Molina, Nathalie Poza, carmen lomanaElena Furiase, Goya Toledo, Brabra Goenaga …, the list is endless.

pass through the hands of all, and all, Vanessa VillatadoThe woman who introduced this award-winning treatment to our country five years ago and the man in charge of The Hydrafacial Company for Spain and Portugal, which received the first patent in microdermabrasion in the United States in 1997.

Today Vanessa has become a specialist in skin care of famous people. The one who always looks without makeup, impeccable And Radiant, this is your best cover letter ever; He achieves it, he tells us, thanks to “a healthy and balanced diet, some exercise, and more.” routine of care”. Strictly speaking, one treatment of this is done once a month, mixing it with another a deterrent With botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid. In addition, the scalp is also cleaned every month, so that “less crowded To bring interrupted ROM and health fur“, he explains to me to look at his thick and voluminous mane. At this point it’s hard for me to decide whether I’m more jealous of his hair or his skin.

but what is Secret About the success of this treatment? “When you think about which actresses HollywoodYou imagine a huge financial outlay, but this protocol is within everyone’s reach”, explains Viletado. It also impresses that although it is “a medical facial rejuvenation treatment, it is not invasive or painful and in this instant resultsWith no downtime.” Putting it as simply as possible, it “deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates skin with high-quality, nutrient-rich scrubs.” Antioxidants and hyaluronic acid,” he tells us. The result is a radiant skinSmooth and free from impurities.

Vanessa managed to bring this treatment America Five years ago, and it wasn’t easy. “Starting to market the brand in Spain” was fraught with a challenge learned And comrades, undoubtedly, the engines of this great company. looking back it was worth it Try And work,” he says.

But how do you go from graduating in tourism to fully immerse yourself in the world of beauty at this stage? “by chance, without finding”, he replies, assuring that it is autodidact, I actually started studying Business, although he dropped it in second grade because it was not his thing. “I still remember my parents’ displeasure,” he says with a laugh, “even though I later played various marketing roles in multinational corporationsalways within a range doctor and with the aim of helping improve the lives of patients suffering from a specific pathology”. From there he turned aesthetic medicine and found it fascinating. “Helping people feel good on the inside so that it is reflected from the outside, see their happiness … I’m passionate about it and it makes me feel more involved in it.” feelings Every time I treat.

The Beauty Treatment of Vanessa Villatodo, Famous

Antonio Heredia

Btox or hyaluronic acid? Who do you prefer as an expert?
And why choose just one? I live with both! They are compatible and indicated to prevent, heal and improve skin according to specific needs and concerns. The key is in an individualized medical diagnosis. Plus, its combination with hydrafacials is wonderful, with each of these procedures working on a different skin condition.
The Wrinkle Is Beautiful, Says Adolfo Domenguez, Do You Agree?
Yes of course. You have to learn to grow old. Every day I become more involved with the ‘all natural’ trend; Now working on naturalness of results, we are increasingly looking for beautiful, healthy, hydrated and illuminated skin, which allows us to show ourselves naturally and without makeup.
Which bothers you more, spots or wrinkles?
a stain; Age is too much. The sun is the skin’s worst enemy and sunscreen is the most important beauty treatment, the best anti-aging protocol.
What do you think about puncture? Are they on your allies list?
Yes, without a doubt. The skin needs a certain level of hyaluronic acid, and from the age of 35 it is reduced in our body, which promotes dryness of the skin, the formation of wrinkles, the accentuation of expression lines … Prevention As in many cases punctures come in handy, and in others they are effective in addressing specific problems such as lack of volume, defining, recovering or eroding expression lines.
Is it possible to delay aging without puncture, only with treatment?
Of course, with something like this, peeling and other procedures such as radiofrequency, laser and pulsed light. But you have to be persistent in order for them to work.
The Beauty Treatment of Vanessa Villatodo, Famous

Antonio Heredia

Vanessa was always fascinated by fashion, “and everything that ‘went into’beauty as a lifestyle, creating harmony”, she explains. She remembers herself as an arrogant girl who played with her mother’s vanity affair – which she always held as a reference to beauty. was- and Had fun Of life in the country where he grew up, riding a bicycle or climbing trees. “It was a very healthy environment, you breathed freedom… those were wonderful times where nothing ever happened,” he says. And in the summer, to learn EnglishHis parents sent him to Stratford-upon-Avon (United Kingdom), the city where William was born Shakespeare, Which changed his life. “I had the great opportunity to meet my English family, with whom I remained a constant relaxin Very close, I feel like my parents and siblings, and they have been a part of the most important moments of my life.”

And this second lifeEnglish‘ which got me working at multinational hydrofacials, constantly traveling between Tokyo, California You europa, It wasn’t until she had her baby, who is now five, and she knew it was “time to stop” and settle down. Spain, Now his day to day passes between “projects, calls, celebrities, meetings… at my work desk, you can always find one” salad Next to the to-do list of the day, and no two are alike.

Which actress do you have in mind as the benchmark of beauty? One from Hollywood?
To Audrey Hepburn, for her modesty, elegance, style and character. For me, it is a benchmark of natural beauty and knowing how to accept the age and the passage of time.
How does the woman who treats the skin of celebrities take care of her skin?
Above all, very clean with and without makeup. In the morning, I use cleanser, antioxidant, cream and moisturizer. And again at night the cleanser, detox pad and retinol.
As an expert, what are the most effective active ingredients for skin at the moment?
The most important are antioxidants – vitamin C, a classic –, exfoliants, depigmenting, retexturizing agents such as retinoids and restorers of cutaneous barrier function. And, without a doubt, the best anti-aging of all: sunscreen. But what matters more than the active ingredients, is the technology behind them, so that they can penetrate through the skin and hit the target. They should be encapsulated in nanosomes and liposomes.
The Beauty Treatment of Vanessa Villatodo, Famous

Antonio Heredia

Vanessa Villatodo’s hands are used to touching women. celebrities – “They’re my way of bonding, pampering”, he confesses—but he’s not impressed. “It gives me comfort to the treatment, My biggest compliment is when they look in the mirror and say, ‘Wow, I didn’t expect that.’ makes me feliz, otherwise i’m very Familiar, When I finish work I dedicate it to my son, who thinks of me moving and playing as soon as I walk in the door. and enjoy dinner excellent that my husband prepares.” A life like that, quietEssential ally of beauty.

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