Vangelis, the pioneer of electronic music and the author of the soundtrack to ‘Chaiths of Fire’, has died at the age of 79


Vangelis, in 2002, in Athens.
Vangelis, in 2002, in Athens.Python

Evangelis is the author of the soundtrack of Odisa Papathanasou, a Greek composer known as Vangelis. fire cars You blade Runneramong hundreds of other works created during 50 years of career monthHe died last Tuesday at the age of 79.

The great contribution of Vangelis, as well as many composers of his generation, was to return the avant-garde music of the 20th century from an intellectual level. a more emotional and sensory essence, Your Tools to Get It Impossible There were two: on the one hand, the synthesizer and the concept, then new to electronic music. And on the other hand, the format of music for cinema.

And he, basically, Vangelis was a musician trained in ’60s pop and rock. Aphrodite’s Child, the group with which Vangelis and singer Demis Roussos released their first international successes, allows us to guess the trajectory of the musician: from pop to psychotic rock, From psychedelic rock, to more or less abstract avant-garde music; and popular symphonic music of the 20th century, from avant-garde music to film music. His colleagues and contemporaries such as Ryuchi Sakamoto or more recently Rodrigo Leo followed a similar path with slight variations.

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