Vcar. A child dies after slipping in the bathtub


The little boy, who was not yet two years old, slipped in the bathroom of his house and drowned

One agent, in one file image.
One agent, in one file image.civil guardEFE
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a neon less than two He drowned this Saturday after allegedly slipping into the bathtub of his family’s home Waqar (Almera), Despite the fact that he has been shifted to a health center to try to revive him.

source of command Almera has confirmed the death of the minor, who, according to EFE municipal sources, would have turned two next September, although civil guard He hasn’t gone into any other details.

However, municipal sources say that the first data suggests that the child may have suffered a slippery bath in his house located on Sector 4 Highway. Puebla de Waqar, He would have killed himself and drowned which would have resulted in cardiac arrest.

As the newspaper progresses almera diary In its digital version, it has been the minor’s father who has taken him in his car to the health center in Puebla de Vácar, where he has resuscitation exercise Cardiorespiratory failure without being able to revive him.

The above sources indicated that the Civil Guard took charge of investigating the incident, indicating that the younger, of Maghreb origin, His name is Bilal K. And she has two brothers aged 5 and 7 years, while her father is 41 years old and her mother is 39 years old.

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