Venezuela’s opposition seeks oxygen at its worst


Return the unitary platform to the head of Omar Barboza, the former Speaker of the National Assembly

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Venezuela’s democratic opposition is trying to revive itself for the fifteenth time in one of its worst historic moments. “We have reaffirmed the unitary platform as a comprehensive and inclusive entity, with very clear rules of play and specific work areas,” the political coalition, made up of ten opposition parties, announced today.

As chief executive secretary, Omar Barboza, former president of the National Assembly (AN) and leader of the Christian social group Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT), one of the four parties that make up the G4, has been appointed. , Its work will focus on helping debates evolve in a “harmonious” manner.strengthen unity“, in a strategy that reminds us of the long-awaited Democratic Unity Table, which won a major election in the 2015 parliamentary elections.

The first challenge will be setting the date for next year’s internal primary elections, which will select a consensus candidate for the 2024 presidential election. Most parties are committed to holding these elections without the National Electoral Council (CNE), the unit managed by Nicolas Maduro, Despite pressure and threats from the government.

“From this moment we will begin a deep Consultation process with the whole country With the aim of putting together this powerful mechanism for selecting a single candidate or candidates,” the statement concludes.

The conclave held last week in Panama, attended by leaders of all parties, such as Leopoldo López for Volanted Popular (VP) or Julio Borges for Primero Justicia (PJ), was supported by the Joe Biden administration, according to the two Recognized various sources of el mundo. Washington considers it necessary and fundamental that the democratic opposition appears united again after months of internal conflict, much of it campaigning from the Miraflores Palace.

“I hope it will be useful to unite the entire opposition beyond those of us who form a unitary platform,” Barboza insisted. In addition to the G4, parties such as La Causa R, led by Anders Velásquez, and Encuentro Ciudadano, led by deputy Delsa Solarzano, are present in the coalition. Several smaller parties are part of Save Venezuela, built around the figure of President-in-Charge Juan Guede.

“The challenges are many, but perhaps Barboza’s low profile could help us achieve some kind of political solidarity, which is currently not only between opposition parties, but also within themselves, such as the PJ, for example,” Political analyst Walter Molina explains for this newspaper.

Barboza, 77, did not go unnoticed, presiding over AN, without pain or glory. But he was the only one who fit the profile desired by the parties, who are currently going around as the spokesperson of the Unitary Forum. It remains to be chosen who will accompany the new executive secretary in his role.

Facing a country that is far from politicians and has focused solely on survival, the challenges of the opposition are enormous. “The first thing is to get people to trust this platform, something very complicated because the names are practically the same, but not impossible if things are done right. The second challenge is to mark a clear path in which Specific action inside and outside the country whose ultimate goal is democratization, because that is the only solution for Venezuela. It is clear that if the opposition gathers around a single figure, the real opposition, the change it seeks, is more likely to break down,” summarizes Molina.

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