Victims of Burjasot herd complain: “They asked for a turn to enter and the minor told them to stop”


Minor and alleged victim of gang sexual assault in this Valencian city gets “threatened”

Messages for which the alleged rape minor has filed a complaint.
Messages for which the alleged rape minor has filed a complaint.EM
  • Spain Threats to Burjasot minor: “If they center us because of you, you’re going to fuck yourself”
  • planning Minor convicted of multiple rapes in Burjasot withdraws charges against three detainees but implicates three more youths

The ringing of the cell phone had almost ceased to exist. less than 48 hours after the minor a. Complaint of sexual abuse filed several times on May 17 burjasoto (Valencia) Various types of messages and comments started coming on his Instagram account. And he also had a conversation with another minor on WhatsApp, even in the beginning a.With whom the first day went on a date with two men who were also minors and who had known each other for seven days, but only virtually.

Talking about whether one ever stops and sometimes doesn’t. About the names that one of them will give him a lawyer. What a biolao are you, jump to Instagram. Or: You’re some shy bitch who all you want is fame and be on TV, according to another person’s publication who not only says it openly but also makes sure it reaches minor. Screenshots that depict this page, which EL Mundo has been able to access, are part of seven printed pages collected on Instagram and a printed page of WhatsApp conversations that appear in the complaint that the lawyer for minor A alleged Is. The victim of the gang rape was filed on May 24, eight days after the previously condemned incidents and prompted threats.

These dialogues between A and A are also relevant as another alleged conversation between the two was recorded on video and broadcast by the Vox co-founder via his Twitter account.Christina Segu – investigated by the Hate Crimes Section of the public prosecutor of valencia– Inspires the dangers of the latter. According to Multiple Sexual Assault Defense, represented by Manuela Muoz Schanzes (Vanguard Abogados), the leading voice in that video will be carried by a third minor, who was alerted on May 16 by the man who managed to escape what was happening in the abandoned house in Burjasot and who notified What was the police doing?

For example: It’s embarrassing to see how girls are joking and laughing at what they have set up and unfortunately this happens to other women. Those threats are added to that of the minor, who last Thursday expanded his initial complaint and acquitted three minors, while indicting three other men, of whom it is still unknown whether they are adults or minors. , The only adult first recognized by a minor, who responds to Joe’s initials I, and was arrested last Wednesday, also on probation and with a restraining order for the minor, who took the time to expand the complaint, according to his lawyer’s explanation, from police stations near his town’s persistent denial. where he told them to return to Burjsot, where the facts to be resolved were reported on 17 May.

In that complaint, according to the document this newspaper had access to, such incidents occurred: that once in a public park which is located at the entrance of the house, the four of them sit on a bench to smoke, later invited . refusing both of them to reach the house voluntarily, so these boys get upset and tell them that if you don’t enter we will catch you and we will put you by force, accepting the said request because they feared that he might hurt them if they disobeyed him, jumping over a fence to reach the interior of the house and leading them into a basement, which contained two mattresses, surprisingly throwing were Ale A. on the small mattress and IA on the large mattress.

And he continues: Noting to the deponent that four more men entered the room he had never seen, only being able to provide that they were of Gypsy ethnicity and that they were 16 to 17 years old. Two of the four grabbed her, one arm and the other leg, while the others started performing on her (…), gave her several slaps in the face when she shouted for help, (.. .), released after finishing the sexual acts, the five men retreat to one side of the room, taking advantage of A. [la otra menor] The moment he put on the clothes he found while running and ran towards the metro station to return home.

And the second youngest describes those minutes as follows: You can see how there were three more boys who didn’t know anything, knowing they were friends with the boys they were with. (…) that she sees how not only the man with whom A. At that moment she retreated saying that she wanted to leave, not backing down and leaving the place, (…) being able to see how the four men sexually assaulted her friend A, this Being able to hear how he asked for a turn to sneak in, at the same time that A told him to stop, the men ignored his requests.

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