Villa de la Belle poke in which ‘top models’, actors and Premier League soccer players take refuge in the waters of the Mediterranean to heal themselves


Founded by Joacun Farnes, a pioneer of thalassotherapy in Spain, the Palacit Thalasso Clinic & Hotel (Benicsim) is a refuge for those who need to reset their bodies, but above all, their souls.

Belle's Villa

The history of the grand city of La Belle Poque, known as the Valencian Biarritz, is located in Palasit Thalasso Clinic & Hotel (benicsim) as exciting as the visionary physician Joacun Farnes established it Kalyan Mandir After the discovery in 1970 (long before the concept even existed) at the Helio Marino Center in Collire (France)—the oldest and most prestigious in Europe—, extraordinary healing power of sea water,

A pioneer of thalassotherapy in Spain and a great teacher of an entire generation of European rehabilitation doctors and physiotherapists, Farnes transformed the beautiful city that was once the scene of legendary parties and high society meetings in the early 20th century. place of pilgrimage Thousands of people have come for half a century in search of its treatment. “My earliest childhood memories are of those with whom serious health problems And they left completely refreshed. Even here in Lourdes there have not been so many miracles!” Pablo Farnes, director of the Palaciot and along with his brothers, recounts the extraordinary. your parents’ legacydeceased last year.

As he caresses the regal head of Pol Pol (slow in Swahili) as his undifferentiated Labrador retriever, Farnes explains that “thalassotherapy is a treatment that is done with sea ​​water about 35 or 36 degree centigrade which, due to osmosis, is the ideal temperature for the body rebalances itself,

We are water and this physical and emotional immersion brings us back to the beginning of life, to the beginning of everything. “People arrive very sad, very ill-adjusted, especially after the pandemic. We left very similar processes of loss and bereavement “We need to go in some way to sustain ourselves,” says Lourdes Ramon Segarra, a counselor at the Palaciot Talasco Clinica.

Palasiet’s customers want much more than physical therapy. “Here, as soon as you reach, a significant stop is made. The window of the room is opened, the Mediterranean Sea is contemplated and the aroma of the pine trees and the sea is inhaled. You hear what the body is doing. says and puts everything. differently. Certainly, takes a step back to look at life in a different way“, bill.

Doctors, nutritionists, physical therapists, personal trainers and beauty treatment specialists design a personal roadmap depending on the circumstances of each individual. “Before their arrival, in general, we usually make a phone call to talk with our customers and such, and find out their needs. Through these conversations, we understand that each what the person brings in. Afterwards, they fill out a questionnaire doctor, which gives us a lot of valuable information about Your health status, your lifestyle, and your goals,

Functional rehabilitation, weight loss, personal training, nutritional advice, beauty treatments… The experts at the Palasit Thalasso Clinic and Hotel, through programs of various durations, guide clients to enter the path of healthy habits. “Our mission is to help achieve wellness through self-care, it was about We take responsibility for our processes And, for this, we provide resources, which, later, they can apply in their day to day practice. To that end, what we do is help little by little, so that our customers Be aware How is it”.

Segarra remembers with affection and admiration the figure of his mentor, Joacun Farnes. “He was always inquiring about how he could improve people’s lives and that’s where his inspiration always comes from to bring new things. It was undoubtedly, a man led by example, He used to go to the pond every day and do his treatment. Long before anyone else, he was already betting on the self-care that is now much talked about as the guarantor of a healthy longevity,

Over these 50 years, more than 150,000 people have found a haven of peace in this corner of Benixim. French, English, Spanish, Young, Rich, Old, Celebrities… Fluffy Bathrobe by Palasiet on the go and has been seen enjoying the delicacies of a delicious healthy menu, the legendary American model Christy Turlington with her husband, actor Edward Burns; no less famous Valeria Mazza and her husband Alejandro Gravier; For the long-awaited Arturo Fernandez: the lively Candela Peas or the English Premier League player whose name remains undisclosed (yes, that and a few more) who have traveled there recovering from injury.

Physical wounds soul wounds. We all have something. And, thanks to Joacun Farnes, we have a place to try to fix them. Polpol…

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