Vistabella sect leader Uncle Tony, accused of sexual abuse against adults and minors, dies in prison


The 65-year-old man had health problems and was found dead by officials when he changed work shifts in the morning

The Mass of Vistabella where the crimes were allegedly committed.Google Maps

Tony. ForLeading a. Known for Sect in Vistabella del Maestre (Castellan) Whose members are accused of alleged crimes of sexual abuse of both adults and minors, have died in Castellón I prison, where they were provisionally admitted, notified and without bail in mid-March by court order.

According to multiple sources consulted by EL Mundo, the 65-year-old entered the prison while ill, was in a wheelchair and needed oxygen, and during these two months A variety of health problems were reported, Despite the fact that everything points to natural death, due to illness, an autopsy is being considered to definitively resolve it.

Apparently, he was found dead already in his cell. eight in the morning By activists starting a new innings in jail.

The head of the Court of Investigation 6 of Castellón jailed him, along with two others, after a police operation carried out against an alleged sect in the town of Vistabella del Maestre against an alleged sectarian made a statement on 18 March. sent.

judge Who checked the facts, obtained 9 detainees and agreed to interim prison, without communication and bail for three of them, including the alleged leader of the group and now dead in jail. The other six were temporarily released with precautionary measures to remove and prohibit communications regarding the victims.

The case, which was declared secret, is open to offenses of assault and sexual abuse against both adults and minors, human trafficking for the purpose of domestic and sexual domination and exposure of pornography to minorswithout prejudice to further qualifications.

The National Police carried out the operation in an isolated group 6 kilometers from Vistabella del Mestrat, where the leader of the sect may have been subordinate to his followers. Sexual aversion against adults and minorsAnd it must have been done with a legacy that is difficult for researchers to determine.

Dozens of faithful have passed through his hands over the past 20 years. Four of those victims were described by EL Mundo as “the enlightened man who led a sect with mass and playground. Disabled with wheelchairs and oxygen, amid allegations they are matched to assure that he has committed sexual assaults.” was used to misbehave.

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