War breaks out in world golf


The PGA Tour bans its players from competing in the Saud League, which starts next month in London, and promises its participants millions.

A poster of LIV Golf L Century
A sign for LIV Golf at Centurine Golf in London.AFP

The tense peace that the golf world has experienced with the intention of holding the Saudi circuit is called liv golfWhich would coexist with the American, turned into an open war on Wednesday morning.

The PGA Tour sent a great letter to its players: Refusal to participate in new competition, The first LIV golf tournament, with Greg Norman As a visual staple, it is to be played at Centurion Golf in London from 9 to 11 June. But the PGA’s position is clear: “We have notified those who have requested that their request has been denied in accordance with PGA Tour tournament rules. Therefore, Tour members are not authorized to participate in the PGA Tour.” ” League event at Saud Golf London”.

Saudi money attracted some of the best golfers in the world. Names requesting the above permits include: Sergio Garca, Pablo Larzabal, Phil Mickelson, Braden Grace, Louis Osthuizen, Martin Kemmer, Charl Schwartzell, Kevin Na or Ian Poulter,

4 crores for the winner

As confirmed by Greg Norman in an interview sky gameSix out of the top 50 had confirmed their presence in London and 19 out of the top 100 overall. In the London tournament, 48 players will compete in 54 holes for a purse of $20 million. The winner will receive $4 million (the most important prize in a golf tournament to date) and the final grader will receive $120,000.

Greg Norman responded quickly to the statement from the American circuit. “Unfortunately, the PGA Tour is determined to deny professional golfers the right to play golf unless it is specifically in their tournament,” the statement said. Tiburnum Blanco The Australian called the decision “anti-competitive” in a statement. ,No matter how many obstacles the PGA Tour throws at us, they won’t stop us and we will continue to give players options. We will continue to organize the best with the best players in the world, with the best fans and partners.”

Until now, the PGA Tour has never banned its players from participating in other tournaments, even those previously organized by the Saudis, such as the one held in Jeddah last January. it was done. the difference is that London is the first of a pre-scheduled eight-tournament circuit that the PGA Tour already considers a threat to its interests., The European circuit has yet to make a statement, although its decision will be on the same lines as those made by its US partners. The recently revamped DP World Tour (European Tour) may be the biggest victim of this whole situation, as its structure and prizes have been greatly weakened by the pandemic and the loss of sponsors.

more money

Beyond Norman’s words, LIV Golf’s response was to raise their bets and counterattack with their best weapon, money. Norman announced An additional $2 billion investment to expand the LIV Golf Series to 10 tournaments next year and the full 14-tournament season in 2024 and 2025. He added that the details of these additional tournaments will be revealed later, but the prize pools promise to be enormous.

Players now have several options: follow the orders of the PGA Tour and not compete in London; Skipping the ban and facing a ban that could even remove him from the US circuit; Or sue the PGA Tour and start a court battle. The war in world golf has begun.

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