We can try to implicate Felipe VI in Emerito’s “embarrassment”: “there are two kings and neither is accountable”.


“There is a situation of violence and security towards the Royal House,” says party number three, Lilith Verstringe.

Lilith Verstringe and Rafa Meyerl, this s
Lilith Verstringe and Rafa Mayoral, this Saturday in Valencia.EM
  • King Zarzuela reduces Felipe VI’s meeting with Emeritus to a private act after the exhibition in Sancánxo

Minority members of the Pedro Sánchez government continue their offensive against the monarchy. Podemos, after calling Juan Carlos I’s return to Spain “disgraceful”, attempts to implicate Felipe VI in “embarrassment”, insisting on his temporary return to our country, as well as PSOE with the Royal. criticizes his decency. House.

“There are two kings in our country and none of them is accountable to the citizens,” criticized the secretary of the organization Know, Lilith Verstringe, which claims to extend the focus beyond emeritus: “The problem is not the king, it is the monarchical structure.” A thesis that has been defended in recent times by practically all partners of government in Congress, who regret that socialists remain in profile in this matter, even those aligned with the right By allowing the return of Juan Carlos I, the Spaniards or justice without explanation.

“There is a situation of violence and security towards the Royal House”, opined number three Of Podemos, that is why Juan Carlos I is allowed to come “on vacation” to our country without informing the citizens. In the last 72 hours since Emeritus has landed, in the eye of the formation led by Ioan Bellara VigoThere has been a “media embarrassment” that affirms that “justice is not equal for all.”

However, and despite the efforts of Podemos to include the Royal House in Emiratio’s visit to Sanxanxo, Zarzuela maintains a low profile and has, in fact, reduced the meeting between Juan Carlos I and Felipe VI, which took place on Monday. is set for. Private meeting off the agenda, so the Royal House is not considering distributing pictures or information about the act at this time.

Nevertheless, minority members of the Council of Ministers insist that the monarchy’s “impunity” harms the democratic health of our country. it’s the idea that runs through spring Party organized by party purple and held this weekend in the city of Valencia.

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A meeting that will taste strange. Still imbibing the political project that Yolanda Diaz, the second vice president, designed behind his back, purple They meet Daz in Valencia with, well, a great absence.

This is not the Labor chief’s first contempt for Podemos, nor will it be his last. Daz abstained before leaving last October University of Otu The formation under the leadership of Ioan Bellara and seeing the two ministers together on stage or in front of cameras is becoming increasingly difficult. As this newspaper learned, purple He sent a second invitation to the Vice Presidency for the act, but from Daz’s atmosphere he accuses him of personal reasons for not attending Valencia.

In any case, Daz’s constant rudeness to Podemos causes discomfort in the ranks. purpleWhere he believes that the Vice President is the best choice to lead the space, but he suspects that Bellara’s party will weigh on his plans as he has little interest in attending party events.

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