Weapon of Deceit, Five Little Wolves and All the Movie Premieres of the Week


Colin Firth’s last film (weapon of deceit) hits theaters. But more films release on May 20.

weapon of deceit
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May 20 Dramas, action films, documentaries and comedies hit theatres. They are here All premieres of the week.

Mafia Tailor (conspiracy with Mark Rylance)

Leonard (Mark Rylance) s A tailor working in Chicago in the 1950s, He is good at his job. But he’s better at keeping secrets from his customers. a circumstance that would lead him to intervene a between the bands When you have to hide items from gangsters who use your local as a trading place.

Weapon of Deception (Thriller with Colin Firth)

Colin Firth is the protagonist of a thriller who remembers a It was coined by the Allies to confuse the Nazis during World War II. This operation, known as ‘minced meat’, is a . is the central axis of Thriller In which Spain has a significant importance as proved by real history.

CINCO LOBITOS (Victory Spanish Drama at the Festival of Málaga)

Being a mother is not an easy task. It takes patience, affection, love…and lots of help. factor which, in the case of the protagonist A play that ravages its way through the Málaga Festival, they are not plentiful. amaya (lia costa) is a young mother whose circumstances lead her to return to her parents’ home with a mother (Susie Sanchez) who does not know how to best deal with him.

Game of the Assassins (Action with Gerard Butler)

A thief man, a killed man and a policemanA. There are three protagonists of this action movie. Three characters who play cat and mouse alongside each other in a maze of verbal and physical violence. Gerard Butler is the star of this film.

more premiere

Santi Milan, Natalia De Molina, Carlos Aires, Malena Alterio are some of the stars. mirror mirror, a comedy with lots of black humor in an office. Oliver Stone returns with his theories about President Kennedy’s assassination with documentary JFK: Case Revised,

Costa Rican drama coming to theaters too Clara Alonerussian movie i don’t want you or documentary Pain, beautiful!

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