“We’re Heading To A New Normality Of Summer That We Don’t Want”


There is only one precedent for such an early heat wave in Spain, 41 years ago. Extreme temperatures will be more and more frequent on these dates

"We're Heading To A New Normality Of Summer That We Don't Want"
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Although exceptional temperatures were recorded in May, it was not technically equivalent to a heat wave. Now, however, and since last Sunday, much of Spain is immersed in one. It is the second oldest since being recorded with the 1981 event, which began a day earlier on June 11. Today Tuesday and tomorrow Wednesday could be the worst days of the new episode, which will last until at least Friday and will hopefully start to subside by the weekend.

At the moment, record measurements have not been produced at any specific point, but wave extension and intensity, which covers almost the entire peninsula and the Balearic Islands and are bringing temperatures higher than Cannula’s summer period, make This is an extraordinary incident, which requires caution from the point of view of health. In addition, the fact that it has arrived so early, the climate is just beginning of summer and still in astronomical spring, Warning of what could happen in a global warming scenario,

Although extreme heat in June has never been unknown, the fact is that heat waves in this month have become five times more frequent in 22 years of the 21st century; Five times more often in the 21st century than between 1975 and 2000, reviews Rubén del Campo, spokesman for the Spanish State Meteorological Agency (Amet). Between 2001 and 2022, nine heat waves have been recorded in June., current count. Between 1975 and 2000, only two were registered in that month, Compare.

Behind this increase, of course, is climate change, which increases the frequency and intensity of heat waves, del Campo explains. The climatic heat begins on 1 June and lasts for three months. However, in recent decades it has been observed that Higher temperatures spread faster over longer periods, Summers, understood as the period when it is hottest, last longer and longer. Therefore, it can be predicted that heat waves on dates that are not strictly heat, like the present, will continue to become more and more common.

We don’t know exactly when they will happen, but we do know that summers are getting longer, at the rate of nine days a decade. Now it lasts five weeks longer than in the 80sMar Gómez, Doctor in Physics and Head of Meteorology at Eltiempo.es. The fact that summer has become longer, both at the beginning and the end – we don’t know exactly whether it is going to do so by shortening spring or shortening autumn – increases the likelihood that heat waves will occur earlier or May appear later, he added.

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It is very likely that in the future we will have More heat waves, more severe and more intense during summer, And, since summer is getting longer, there’s a chance it will be earlier, weigh the season. However, although events such as these days may become more and more common in the future, they are extraordinary in relation to the past: the situation is no longer normal. Although we had a heat wave at this point in June 41 years ago, it was only one, Gomez recalls.

It should be noted that this is not normal. What I see on social networks, or by people writing to me, is that they say: ‘Okay, it’s summer. It is hot in summer’. but What is not normal is a heat wave of this intensityWith temperatures higher than the heatwave, which is the statistically warmest period of the year, and it’s so early, the expert lists, and recalls: heat waves have been more intense and more intense all over the world in recent years. are serious.

aspa, especially vulnerable

A trend to which Spain, because of its geographical location, is particularly vulnerable. We are highly exposed to the flow of warm air from North Africa, which causes heat waves. Sometimes they are accompanied by haze, or are independent haze events, such as happened to us this year as well. There are other countries that are affected, but We are on top of the countries most affected by climate changeThe southern part of the peninsula, in particular, adore Gomez.

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We’re headed for a new normality that we don’t like, as it’s about to signal longer, more intense and more severe heat waves; Possibly, with the high mortality rate if we do not adapt, in addition to the low rainfall, the haze that harms the respiratory system and health…, Ph.D. in Physics. gives a warning. Obviously, this is a scenario that is not optimistic., We’re going into a normal situation we don’t want.

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