We’re Not Jennifer Lopez: We Can Never Have Her Ass Or Her Belly (No Need To)


The Bronx actress and singer ‘set the network on fire’ with her latest and suggestive pose.

We're Not Jennifer Lopez: We Can Never Have Her Ass Or Her Belly (No Need To)

Jennifer Lopez has once again set Instagram on fire with her bikini poses in which she shows us the perfect anatomy that she claims, as it is emphasized time and again, 53. about, A sculpted physique based on marathon gym sessions and a clean diet with the occasional absurd pretentiousness, which is far from being inspiring, sounds rather childish.

Whichever way you look at it, JLo is a walking lesson in keeping your body working well, by placing yourself under the command of qualified professionals who create a tailored plan that pays off. their Abdomenflat and steel; her assChallenging and powerful; And its feet Undoubtedly the best example of the beauty benefits without a hint of fat, but above all, the health benefits that strength training brings to women.

In addition, this is irrefutable proof that falls to the ground that old theory that women shouldn’t lift weights Because they widen, they become equal schwarzenegger And then it all falls off, turning into thick and loose grass.

That JLo now, at 52, has a better body than 30 is a reality. This is because he works hard and gets through a lot. that we love your image strong and healthy woman, Undoubted. But out there to try to think for yourself, even if it’s saving insurmountable distances, is a world out there.

No, we are neither Jennifer Lopez, nor Cindy Crawford, nor how many nectars we drink, we will reach at the door of the 60s As the media we pretend it’s up to Elle Macpherson, without menopause breaking her waist or her mane. And you’re also spoiled for showing off that 20-year-old’s look that Tom Cruise shows off at 59 heels in the new installment of ‘Top Gun’.

And the problem isn’t that we don’t take care of ourselves, that we don’t eat well or that we don’t play sports or get enough sleep. Nor are our genetics any worse than theirs.

that’s it, after that Massive appearance of eternal youth Which sells us all those stars, there is much more than a healthy lifestyle, which of course includes periodic medical examination Those are used to design customized meal plans, nutritional supplements, and hormonal treatments, but also play into a scenario that is completely unattainable to normal humans: cutting edge beauty treatments,

Because, as much as we kill ourselves with placards, the skin that ‘we’ve given up’ and begins to hang In the abdomen after pregnancy and weight changes, it is not ‘reabsorbed’ if aesthetic care such as radiofrequency, manual massage, etc. is not used. like we ain’t gonna go cell Only by eating clean, exercising or spreading cream.

So, even acknowledging JLo’s cannon on what works for her, it won’t hurt all of us to remember that she’s not the common mortal and that the taverns with whom she’d “set the network on fire.” is”, just like newborn babies who come out with flat stomachs and without the shadow of dark circles on their shiny faces, they don’t represent us,

also that the old man has no laudable aspiration other than to be strong and healthy but this dream can turn into a nightmare if we become someone’s slave Absolutely unattainable principles of beauty and youth.

Let’s see if, one day, we manage to “set the network on fire” with images of people like us, among others and, if possible, about their wrinkles, their extra kilos or their loose flesh. Without raining comments.

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