What does Chanel’s donkey tell us


Beyond its undeniable appeal, there are other powerful (and more important) reasons why we should strengthen our glutes and drop the ‘folder ass’ club.

channel, during its performance
Chanel, during her performance at Eurovision.AFP

Although it takes us pains to admit it, we are very ‘basic’. The channel ranks third at Eurovision, claiming the best position for decades, but what gets His donkey is the subject of national debate,

The surefire thermometer to our worries, Google reveals that searches ‘Chanel’s donkey’ Shoot Like Foam reflects a gap between Spain which sees a ‘surrender’ in its display of power masculine stereotype of object woman And the one who wants to wear something other than celebrate her performance Strong, heavy, anti-gravity buttocks like an artist.

a wish, this last, absolutely plausible but that falls flat, it must be said, with some sedentary lifestyleours, which leads us, rather, to be an ‘ass folder’ that’s a deal ‘Chanel Donkey’,

Flat, elongated width like the open cover of a giant briefcase of loose meat (hence the name), ‘folder asses’ are everywhere and a reflection of our bad habits that slowly They just turned our buttocks into pillows To sit back, forgetting all the important tasks for which they are ‘designed’.

The terrible thing about this is that, without realizing it and crushing, we spend so much time sitting our buttocks on them, their strength and elasticity Because of which loss ofcolzano You elastinTwo essential proteins for our body that perform the structural function of maintaining flexibility in tissues.

What does this loss of collagen and elastin translate to? Well, slowly, we are running out of the natural ability of our buttocks to maintain what we are sinking in. firmin both its shape and texture. For this reason it is very important that we keep changing our position from time to time and we Get up from your chair every hour or two to walk or take the stairs.

Stair climbers strengthen buttocks and legs with ‘Pin Twins’

And, although what captures our attention is what is seen, the important thing about this highly valuable part of our anatomy is precisely what is not seen. ie. Prominent proponent of human displacement, torso and leg stabilizer, The gluteus maximus, along with the abdominals, helps us maintain correct posture, to give us a boost, to avoid hip oscillations and, in general, to improve our sports performance. In addition, is a hard ass can help us Prevent most hip, back and knee injuries.

The Simple (And Affordable) Accessory That’ll Make Your Butt Look Rocky

But, since we’re ‘so basic’, what gets our attention is definitely Chanel’s ass and we want it now (though we’ve spent half our lives glued to a chair) and, if possible So just the right amount of effort. Is this possible? No. We can never have Chanel’s ass Neither Like JLo We Won’t Get Chris Hemsworth’s Abs Because Our body is the unique and non-transferable temple we’ve been in And, for precisely this reason, we must take care of it carefully.

For that reason, even though our motivation to start exercising and eating better should be improve our healthWell, if we are finally inspired to adopt a healthier lifestyle, welcome to the push of narcissism.

best exercises to strengthen buttocks

so what do we do to get Our ass reaches its maximum glory Without wanting to emulate the channel? It’s clear: move. Starting from Introduce movement in our daily lifeWalk as much as you can, climb stairs, etc.

and certainly, Strengthen muscles with tables of specific strength exercisesIf possible, in line with our needs and objectives qualified instructor,

Stiff Ass And Thin Legs With Three Exercises | World

What will that star exercise be? you know well: Squat, lunge, deadlift or hip thrust. YesThe benefits of this, as long as they are done sensibly and with good technique, are undeniable, but, be careful, there are no miracles: We won’t have Chanel’s ass (I’m sorry I’m heavy) nor Our buttocks are going to revive from day to day after decades of lethargy. So, perseverance and … for it!

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