WhatsApp allows editing of text messages once sent


The novelty will appear in a submenu with options so you don’t have to type them again.

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WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will allow app users to edit their text messages after they have been sent, giving them avoid deleting them to rewrite them.

The new feature will allow users WhatsApp Edit your messages in case you made a mistake while writing them. novelty a. will appear in submen With options for the message in question, along with others already available, such as info and copy.

WhatsApp I had already talked about it in 2017, but after a few days I left it.

It is unknown whether there is a certain period of time to be able to edit a message after it has been sent. It is refused to present a version history To check previous versions of messages.

However, he acknowledges that the plans WhatsApp They can change in front of their fixed deployment.

This new feature is still under development. installing it for beta Android, But it is expected that it will reach the iOS and desktop versions as well.

Reaction to messages ‘changes’ the skin

WhatsApp Also testing another feature: responses to messages in different colors skin, This feature is already being rolled out for users of beta version of Android.

This feature allows users change skin color Your responses based on the last tone used in your list emojis, For the time being, it’s limited to the thumbs-up emoticon and the emoticon showing two hands together.

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