WhatsApp allows you to filter conversations and only show people with unread messages


It also aims to show group surveys

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WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature for beta users of its desktop version to filter their conversations and Show only those with new unread messages,

The function has been available for some time whatsapp business, The tool is aimed at businesses that wish to facilitate communication with their customers in both its desktop version and mobile application.

The special portal WABetaInfo now pushes its arrival in version 2.2221.0 of the beta of WhatsApp for desktop and, therefore, in the standard accounts of the application.

This new feature allows users to apply a search filter Show only chats or conversations with unread messages.

It is still unknown whether WhatsApp plans to add new search criteria to filter results in its application. For the time being, media says that this new functionality will eventually reach Android and iOS betas.

survey results

WhatsApp is also developing a new feature for group surveyIn which ‘app’ is working since last March.

Back then, WABetaInfo teased that the app works on group polls for iOS. In April, WhatsApp developed a new interface for these and now, to implement the possibility to access their results.

Medium has access to beta for iOS, available through the TestFlight program. In this version, WhatsApp allows all participants in a group View the results of a survey.

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Another novelty that WhatsApp is working on is being deployed in its beta for Windows. Specifically, in its ‘App’ for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP, for its acronym in English). it’s about Ability to send temporary photos and videos that self-destruct once viewed,

According to the portal, this feature has been launched among the participants along with its beta version 2.2221.4.0 for Windows. Also, this function has been done with Ability to send voice notesWhich was not yet present on this platform.

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