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WhatsApp takes a step to help promote business through its app by offering free features that facilitate communication with customers

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  • Application How companies use WhatsApp to communicate with their customers

Most used messaging app in the world, Whatsapp, continues to expand its list of services not only for personal use but also for business accounts or accounts ‘occupation’, Designed for businesses and freelancers, this version includes extras such as automated responses, the ability to set business time and location, and more.

However, for the use of certain automatisms, such as automated responses in chat, it requires the use of the platform for trading. Whatsapp.

Some examples of how these ‘bots’ worked were seen during the pandemic, when World Health Organization I designed one of these accounts where you can check the status of COVID in each region or do case checks on various ‘fact checking’ services to verify the veracity of the news.

The novelty, announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg during an event last Friday, has an official launch. api d whatsapp cloud And how it is within the reach of any large, medium, small or self-employed company. “Through our messaging services, there are already over a billion users connecting to a business account every week.

They ask for help, find products and services, and make purchases. Today I am pleased to announce that we have opened WhatsApp For any business of any size around the world with the WhatsApp Cloud API,” Zuckerberg said.

It also provides free ‘opening’ hosting services, thus, the start-up of the company and all the customer service that can be provided through the website. Courier service“Will be done in minutes instead of months.”

This API (Application Programming Interface) will be used by companies to provide more efficient customer service with some response times Small without the need to spend money for the maintenance of the service or the application on the server.

Access to metrics and statistics

In all services that have or have an account whatsapp business Have access to metrics and statistics that can help customers better target promotion, automated responses determined based on customer service hours, customizable links to add to a website or social network with the prospect of direct company chat or connect to redirect 10 devices With which to manage the same company chat (so that multiple employees can manage and access it simultaneously).

producer of Facebook It also clarified that these services will have the same security with which the messaging service is managed, in addition, companies will not be able to contact its users. WhatsApp Unless they have requested to be contacted. That is, the client is the one who has to take the first step and write it to the company’s account.

currently, whatsapp business It has been downloaded 23 million times according to the latest queries in various metric analysis services and main application marketplaces (Google Play and App Store), so thousands of startups and small businesses will be able to benefit from this change, saving them time and money.

Customize the Customer Service Interface

In addition, the stage of releasing it API It also opens up the possibility for the company to design and build a customized interface on its own basis that facilitates WhatsApp, Similarly, free cloud storage is used to securely store customer data And all the information needed by the company, without the need to pay for storage services.

Keeping in mind that 62% of Spaniards According to a survey conducted by Kantar, it is easier for them to message the company than to contact via the web, while 70% say they feel more connected when they can communicate with the company directly; This tool is already essential to providing good customer service. Plus, it’s a great first step digital transformation of the company

To access all these benefits, first create an account WhatsApp By downloading the WhatsApp Business app (it is recommended to have two different phone numbers and two terminals so as not to mix the two accounts).

Then access this link in which meta itself will guide you to install api cloud d whatsapp, If you would like some advice, please fill out this form and its developers meta They will contact you to configure the equipment.

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