WhatsApp only informs the admin about the departure of a group member


This new function will be available in the desktop version and is expected to be available for iOS and Android later.

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WhatsApp Working on a new feature that will allow users to leave a group silently by notifying for admin only Or the admins of these group chats instead of all the contacts who are part of them.

Currently, when a group member a . leaves group chatThe instant messaging application notifies all users of that chat that you have left this chat.

Special portal WABetaInfo warns in the edition of WhatsApp The beta for desktop is a change in this system, as the company is working on a new functionality that specifically notifies the admins or administrators of a group when a group is running. chat member The group leaves him.

Before leaving the group, users will receive a notification In which there is a warning that only the admin of the group will know that he has left it. This pop-up offers two options, ‘Cancel’, to remain in the relevant chat, or ‘Leave group’.

WABetaInfo has reported that WhatsApp The feature is in development and, although it has been seen in the desktop version, it is likely that it will arrive soon. iOS and Android.

it is worth remembering that WhatsApp Recently improvements have been made to the application, including the expansion of range of people Who can participate in the group chat, the amount of which is 512.

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