WhatsApp status update response indicator works


It is still in development stage and will be available for Android, iOS and Desktop version

WhatsApp status update response indicator works
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WhatsApp Working on developing indicators to respond to status updates of its users. It is still in the development stage, but it will soon reach the beta of the application Android, iOS And in its desktop version.

The app has been working for weeks on new improvements for Update Of the state Firstly, in one feature to be able to view them from the chat tab and later, in another that improves the preview of links shared that way.

WhatsApp Now working on the indicator to respond to status updates from our users. Specifically, in an icon that will accompany the last response of a chat when it refers to an update of StateTo set it apart from the rest.

This new functionality would be particularly useful for a user to contextualize their interlocutor’s feedback by getting a quick response to one of their status updates in a future version. WhatsApp,

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