Whatsapp Web: Latest Version of WhatsApp web Gets Document Sharing Feature

WhatsApp is one of the largest chatting platforms in the world with over a billion monthly active users and yet it lacks some features that are present in other chatting platforms like video calling, large file sharing and the likes. It seems the company has enabled a rather basic function on chat apps thanks to its latest version where you can send documents to each other. However, it is not as advanced as you can only send PDFs which is rather disappointing. The latest version of the app is 2.12.493, which is what you’ll find on the company’s official website is currently much further.

Latest Version of WhatsApp web Gets Document Sharing Feature


WhatsApp usually has a file limit of 16MB and it could be apply to PDFs and although this is a step in the right direction for the company, it is still disappointing document sharing is not as advanced as the one we have on Telegram Messenger. For now, users who update to version 2.12.453 for Android and 2.12.14 on iOS will soon see another sharing option that allows users to share documents.

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After installing the update, go to WhatsApp chat and open a conversation, once you tap on the options icon, you will notice a new option, Document. Unfortunately, the exchange of the latest WhatsApp currently supports only PDF files. You can also send files to another format, such as MS Word or Excel. With the new update, video option disappears and is nowhere to be found.

It also doesn’t allow to browse through folders on your phone for files and instead displays a list of PDF files. There is a search option though, but that allows search from only within the list.

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Right now the update is available only for Android users, while it has been known that there is no data to support the exchange of documents in iOS and Windows Phone.

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