When Elephants Cross Sibelis


There was a Madrid with the whole tram and along the Gran Via there were bodies of bullfighters on the Vespa and outside bodies and a parade of bullfighters. That city, from the 1920s to the 1970s, can be traced through 172 images from Wednesday at the Fundación Diario Madrid

Elephant crossing Sibels.
Elephant crossing Sibels.that madrid

– And where are you from?

People came to Madrid to start from scratch, to make a living from scarcity, to win some opposition, to become postmen or to work in Mhow. one in madrid He became an adult, a rogue or an authority.

We’re not in the pictures on these pages, but we could have been. They want you to enter them for a while, for example, take a bath in the waters flowing through El Pardo or contemplate the parsimony of a herd. Elephants crossing the Plaza de la Cibeles.

Or fooling around in a bumper car at Paloma festivities, driving a sidecar along the Carrera de San Jeronimo near Hotel Aguilar, one of those black taxis with a little SP sign next to a roof rack and shiny metal bumpers play, or play Viaduct. a football match under With two jackets and three jerseys as post.

Tram full of passengers.
Tram full of passengers.that madrid

until 172 photos can be seen in the exhibition That Madrid. 50 years of ‘Heraldo’ and ‘Madrid’ photographs The Fundación Diario is organized by Madrid and the Union of European Journalists, which can be seen from Wednesday at the headquarters of the Fundación Diario Madrid (Calle Larra, 14). Snapshots are signed by Díaz Casarigo, Pérez de Rojas, Luc, Anguita, Besbe, Cervera, Eurech or Wagner. There you will find everything. Girls with churros cross with metal thread. A milling cutter with its workbench in the street with sets of wrenches for all possible teeth, awls, and skimmers. Queue to enter the stairs of the Veleques Metro Seven in the morning with dark circles, balconies and dusty shoes. Excited by the crowd of waiters race through Castellana with bow ties and trays in hand. Giants, big-headed and beret people playing tamburi. coachman with a tie, hat, whip And much patience in waiting for a gentleman in Sibels to require his services.

– Where are we going, sir?

The images show Madrid’s seams, which are always on the verge of breaking.

Some women try their luck while shooting at the fair.
Some women try their luck while shooting at the fair.that madrid

The oldest photographs in the exhibit feature a day’s race with lots of sailors and men on chairs. Watch the horses gallop by the Castellana Racecourse Or the many cleaners shining shoes in the Ribera de Curtidores on a Sunday morning: this one from the Madrid of Gallados, Valle-Inclán and La Busca de Baroja.

Very soon the first cars appear that scare pedestrians, and that modernity Coexistence with carts drawn by horses. They look like silent film images, men and women looking through the lens of the photographer, amid eerie laughs and greetings for generations to come.

“Madrid has always been dynamic, it has been in its genetics since 1561, but Madrid grows above all because of Hermiento, because of yeast”, writes Andrés Trapiello in one of the texts of the exhibition catalog (there are by others) Javier Marias, Luis Carandel, Miguel Angel Aguilari, Almudena Grandes…). Trapiello Knows What He’s Talking About Because He’s Publishing For Two Years madrid (Fate), an individual and collective memory of the city. And continues: «We are all here. madrid is anyone, While someone lives in Madrid (be it a weekend or a lifetime), they are from Madrid, they develop it like a bread.

Madrid has no beaches, but for many years there was something similar, the huge swimming pool of Trade Union Park. It is astonishing to see so many people crowding together, So much noise that one can hear, that he jumps off the page. Apart from splurging around for a while, he used to go there to watch, watch and let himself fall.

– And you, what do you do, if it can be known?

There are also photos of snow and Montera Street with Christmas lights, cobblestones and urban guards. whistle and jacket, with gloves And the white helmet.

A guard stops traffic in snowy Madrid.
A guard stops traffic in snowy Madrid.that madrid

Gran Via and Alcala go out a lot. On the road in front of those double-decker trolleybuses are with tunos and workers laying paving stones. And those with other trades: Sweeper with dish cap and brush or with a water hose. Postman, Driver.

And what about the company La Sepulvedaa SL’s bus that covers the Madrid-Segovia-Madrid line with roof racks full of suitcases, bicycles, bundles, mirrors, maybe mattresses and bird shops. In the bus in the photo, from 1950 and with the license plate M-70288, the front windows are ajar, as passengers to lower the ferragosto When the vehicle goes to Navcerada (this is a proverb). There is also a man in riding boots and a pointy hat talking fearlessly to the driver who knows what.

even more. Trolleybuses in the ’40s were styled with horns that were attached to electrical cables. Those eunuchs shamelessly left behind the last carts drawn by donkeys. a group of maids with cap,apron And sitting in overcrowded chairs they seem to contemplate them when they chat next to some of the baby strollers that have a folding hood and bigger rear wheels than the front ones. Another curious image: a tall dozen of men with huge overflowing glasses On a table under a banner declaring: “World Championship. Beer Drinkers 1954».

waiter competition
waiter competitionthat madrid

and newspapers? It was a feast. the comics were Crazy Bird, Porky, Super Mousenewspapers like case, madrid You the countrysidealmanacs, magazines like House You moda, woman, Lottery coupons pinned on a string by a clothespin. Men with hats and cigars reminiscent of gangsters Read this headline: «Cardinal Roncalli is elected Pope».

And as for the salt shaker, the photo shows an egg cellar in white on glass with a legend: «Fresh Eggs of the Day at 5 Peseta Dozen”. And on top of that, this sign: “Don’t buy too many!! Tomorrow they may be cheaper.

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