Which is the most unfaithful city in Spain?


Catalonia tops ranking with most unfaithful cities in Spain

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Do you want a summer fling? If you like summer salsa but you don’t know where to go on vacation to find it, new rankings from extramarital dating platforms Ashley Madison About the biggest cities infidels Spain makes it easy for you.

Which is the most unfaithful city in all of Spain? The list is led by cities that have largest number of infidels relative to the population of each city. Catalonia Autonomous community that has the most treacherous cities manresa to be in first place, and barcelona It has dropped one place to the third position.

“since manresa until SevilleLots of like-minded people across the country waiting to join,” says Christoph KramerEuropean Director of Ashley Madison,

Compared to last summer, . in city sabadell The flame of adventure has been ignited, the rankings have been wiped out and eight places have been climbed to earn a spot in the top 5.

“it’s clear that non-unilateral movement Expanding Spain. Both for an agreeable relationship, and for a secret relationship, the Spanish, and another year especially Catalan, are looking for more than traditional monogamy has to offer,” Kramer says.

Below MNRESA, is leonin second place, and GranadaIn the fourth, those who have gone up a step, maintain their place in the top five most unfaithful cities. madridOn the other hand, this year it has dropped three steps to the seventh position.

The one who was the undisputed winner in the winter cities ranking: ValenciaOnly ranked eighth on this list.

Another city that has stood out is Vigowhich has been the city that has climbed to the top of the rankings, improving nine places, and gijonWhich enters this top 20 most unfaithful cities in Spain for the first time.

Ranking of the most treacherous cities in Spain

  1. manresa
  2. leon
  3. barcelona
  4. Granada
  5. sabadell
  6. Bilbao
  7. madrid
  8. Valencia
  9. Alicante
  10. castellon
  11. Vigo
  12. Alcala de Henares
  13. a koruna
  14. ceiling
  15. Seville
  16. gijon
  17. Donostia-San Sebastian
  18. Zaragoza
  19. red color
  20. pamplona/iruna

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