Why Are You Still Burning Calories 48 Hours After HIIT?


Depending on the person, a . After high intensity interval training Or just resting in 30 minutes of high-intensity training that starts the burning process called COPD Effects, An ally for weight loss.

High-intensity workouts are becoming more and more popular because of their effectiveness in a short amount of time.
High-intensity workouts are becoming more and more popular because of their effectiveness in a short amount of time.Shutterstock
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There’s no greater secret to losing weight than a calorie deficit, experts agree. that is, eat fewer calories than you expend that day. but diet and exercise They always go together.

Understand the word diet as a group of foods that are taken. This doesn’t mean eating less and being hungry, but better, depending on your intake. Satisfying Quality Nutrients And not ultra-processed products loaded with sugars that make it hard to reach this subtraction. Science has shown that HIIT (for its acronym) high intensity interval training) O high intensity exercise Strength-resistance along with good nutrition are the best allies for weight loss.

Not surprisingly, these sessions of just 25 to 50 minutes have been successful over the years between the main fitness trends, especially in cities, where people hardly have time to exercise Every day and they want the training to be very effective.

in Madrid, Boot Camp TRIB3 Military Gym, 20-Minute Ritual Gym, Challenge 48, CrossFit Boxes, Brooklyn Fitboxing Centers That Spread Like Mushrooms in Every Neighborhood, Les Mills Grit Series programs in the gym and a long list of disciplines. Stimulate the body in record time, best? that the effect of calories It can last up to two days, depending on the person and their desire.

What is the COPD Effect?

HIIT requires prior physical conditioning to be able to cope with them intensely.
HIIT requires prior physical conditioning to be able to cope with them intensely.Shutterstock

During the first half of the last century, many studies by many different researchers have focused on analyzing how recovery after an exercise session a. is associated with increased metabolism The excess oxygen consumption is known as (post-exercise oxygen consumption, abbreviated for COPD). A major component of the thermal effect of activity that contributes to total daily energy expenditure. But, over the past three decades, these investigations have improved both methodology and protocol and suggest An exponential relationship between exercise intensity and the magnitude of EPOC.

“After doing a HIIT session your body continues to Burning Calories After 48 Hours, it is known as afterburn effect or COPD. in Spanish, Oxygen Debt After a Workoutwhich creates the effect of burning calories over a long period of time”, explains coach Marina Duran, who defends that these types of high-intensity intervals are a great way to train effectively and efficiently.

Is everyone a hit?

However, a well done HIIT is really intense and can be very demanding for some profiles or on days when we feel tired and don’t get enough sleep, clarifies Koch. “I will always recommend to those who have a certain basis of training or physical conditioning,

However, beginners can be similar to Express Training Where “Leave Your Soul” Change the intensity of each exercise to medium-low. “That way, they’ll get a conditioning base that won’t be HIIT itself, but a good way to start progressively,” Duran explains.

They are not even a suitable workout for pregnant women, or people with heart disease or other heart diseases, warns the specialist.

How many times can you do HIIT?

Unless you’re a seasoned athlete, it’s important to skip it if you do HIIT. rest period in betweenDuran Parejo explains. “You can do this three to four times a week, respecting the alternate days to avoid the risk of injury or overtraining, as well as mental exhaustion. That way you’ll promote adequate muscle recovery.”

where after practice the body is under stress, “Balance returns, and that’s when the recovery process requires the replenishment of energy stores,” says Marina Duran: “hormonal regulation, oxidation of lactic acid, decreased body temperature, and exercise performed. Adaptation for”.

When you do sports very intensely, despite the fact that training lasts hardly half an hour, you lack oxygen. “That’s how you grow your basal metabolismLooking for Recovery, as Calories Burned During the 48 Hours After Training”.

What happens during HIIT?

Our body uses energy through two systems: aerobic and anaerobic, “Aerobic is used when we do a. use moderate or low-intensity activity and oxygen To be able to access these energy sources of our body”, slides the instructor in a simple way, without going into more technical questions.

“In anaerobic, when we do high-intensity exercise for a short period of time, such as when we run sprint Or we do weights to failure, we improve muscle mass because the body accesses energy directly without using oxygen. It is very fast and that is why it applies reservation, ie, Accumulated body fat. it is a matter HIIT, which pushes you to the limit”.

it’s like were you still training: “And it can last for 24 to 48 hours, several studies have shown,” cites coach, Any type of exercise produces EPOC later, he stresses, “but today we know that HIIT is the best way to maximize this effect.” And maybe that’s why they are generating more and more followers and HIIT disciplines are increasing.

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