Why did the sky turn completely red in China?


Last Saturday the sky of the city of Zhoushan was painted completely red, a phenomenon that meteorologists attribute to light emitted by fishing boats that were near the coast

For several minutes the sky assumed a deep red color.
For several minutes the sky assumed a deep red color.
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Last Saturday Chinese city. residents of zhoushan Around 8:00 pm, they were horrified to see that the sky was completely painted in deep red, while the atmosphere was foggy and light rain. Many users reported this on social networks, but… What phenomenon explains why the sky turned so red?

Seeing the panic of the residents, the city authorities clarified that the incident had nothing to do with the fire and in fact, it only lasted for a few minutes. And it is that, as reported by a posteriori by local media in China, the sky was painted this color by the light emitted by fishing boats near the beach.

Specifically, the light came from a fishing boat belonging to the company. China Aquatic Products Zhoushan Marine FishingCO, who confirmed this to the press. According to meteorologists, the refraction of red light from the ship on the clouds, which was low at that time, could explain why the sky in the city looked completely red.

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