Why have Balenciaga’s torn and torn sneakers gone viral?

Shoes Dirty, Shoes worn out, Shoes routes, These are some of the keys to the latest balenciaga sneakers The one that has set social networks on fire: You just have to look at the number of passionate comments that populate publications that include the new campaign. Suitable, Because striking, it is: Shoes appear, in fact, dirty, worn and even broken, The direct effect of this was as clear as comments like ‘spend so much money on shoes that look like this’. So far, all is very clear. But in the wake of this release there is some (slightly deeper) reading left to be done.

las balenciaga paris sneakers they are a revamped classic which reinterprets timeless mid-century athleticism and casual, with a white rubber sole and toe in black, white or red,” they say in the release statement. However, it retains some of that The “distressed” finish and “rough edges give it a worn look”. Thus, the canvas shoe version has on high boots, low boots and even mules, release the heel into the air; Different options, which, in fact, are not a complete novelty, as it is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that worn-out sneakers will appear in shop windows. However, presentation photos of Balenciaga shoes are another story.


“Campaign Z. ShowsExcessively used, marked and dirty shoes“, they tell of the images captured by the firm Leopold Duchemin. And that’s when they reveal their ultimate intention: “These still lives show that Paris slippers are made to last a lifetime“. Voila: Appeal for responsible consumption And for long term investment. The passage of time wreaking havoc on the object; All kinds of experiences. crystallization of use Raised to nth power. Also for business, since the Balenciaga website has a . Will happen “Limited Edition of 100 Pairs of Destroyed Sneakers” In both black and white. You no longer have to experience all those concerts, excursions and trips to reflect appointments in shoes. is there any indirect criticism how urgency is eating us up Want to give up all those things and have a clothing life already on? maybe. It all depends on how intense you want your idea to be.

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The discussion about the suitability or inappropriateness of these shoes is not long to come, as an argument that Demna’s firm has faced on several occasions: glamorization of poverty, This happened with bags that looked like garbage bags or bags in which refugees carried their belongings, as well as with pieces that collected stains and tears between the clothes. The argument of those accused of signing off on this process goes through how, once again in history, The upper and wealthy classes seem to have the privilege of being able to take and use any element as they please with impunity.Regardless of what it may be the day-to-day life of the most underprivileged.

In this fact, a social action intervenes which prevails almost since man is an individual: same behavior, gesture or beauty carried out by a group that is not within the standard generate exclusionsWhereas the same behavior, gesture or beauty that is practiced by the wealthy classes or which is within the standard (or even increasing at the time), is reason for applause Certain musical examples come to mind, of course, but it is a complaint that has been replicated in other areas and which, among others, regularly affects gypsy people (what is wrong with them is right with others). is).

These are just a few of the interpretations that can be made (and are already being made) about the latest viral phenomenon in fashion. Marketing strategy, reflection on consumption, foreignization of exclusion … are several components. The result, a very clear one.

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