Why the new Catalan law doesn’t shield Spanish as the PSC says


The regulation avoids setting a minimum percentage hour in Spanish, denies it the language status of vehicles and deprives centers of autonomy to follow a sentence that ends immersion.

Leader of the PSC, Salvador Ila, in Parliament.Raba Press

The decision of the Superior Court of Justice (TSJC) of Catalonia clearly described what the Generalitat should do in order to bury linguistic immersion.

The High Court demanded in its 2020 decision – now ratified by the Supreme Court and which should be implemented on 1 June – to adopt necessary measures to ensure that all students are allowed to use common vehicles in the two official languages. Get effective and prompt instructions through in the prescribed percentage and which in no case shall be less than 25%.

The law agreed between the PSC, the ERC, the Junts and the Commons does not fulfill any of these requirements, despite the fact that Catalan socialists maintain that it is necessary to comply with the court’s decision to justify their association with separatism. will work for

Will Castilian become the language of vehicles as required by the Court?

No. The text, to be approved by parliament on Friday by immediate process, establishes that Catalan, as Catalonia’s own language, is commonly used as the vehicles of the educational system and the language of learning. Therefore, it continues to deprive Castilians of vehicle status, as is the case with the monolingual teaching system currently practiced in Catalonia.

What role is given to the Castilian?

The standard preserves the role of the curriculum language for Castilian. That is, it is equivalent to any other foreign language that is part of the curriculum, such as English or French.

Core subjects can only be taught in one vehicle language and the TSJC ruling establishes that hours in Spanish must be expanded by teaching another core subject in the common language to meet that 25%.

The law promoted by the PSC makes it impossible to comply with the court’s decision in this regard as well. Socialists favor that any final and unspecified expansion of the use of Spanish is done by counting workshops or even other activities that are practiced during leisure hours.

Does the law set a minimum percentage of Spanish hours?

Nor does this requirement comply with the rules agreed between the socialists, the Catalan brand of Podemos and the government-forming parties of the Generalitat.

The law on the use and learning of official languages ​​in non-university education avoids any mention of proposal quotas or a minimum percentage of Spanish. was this condition unconditionally The formation, headed by Salvador Illa, did not see it as an obstacle for the separatist forces to sign the agreement and extend their support.

Is the immersion of the new lesson relaxing in any way?

It establishes that determining the presence of official languages ​​in education should take into account the general socio-linguistic situation of the centers and their environment. The rule thus revives the spirit of two legal amendments that the ERC and the PSC had already envisioned in 2018 and 2019 and which in any case guarantee all students of Catalonia the right to receive, without the need for each school. Defends immersion in the sociological environment. At least hours in Spanish.

Can a school decide to follow 25% Spanish?

In any case, public or integrated schools will not have the autonomy to implement the percentage set out in the TSJC’s decision. The law, to be approved by Parliament, stipulates that Spanish will be used in the terms established by each center’s linguistic projects, but then adds that these linguistic projects must be prepared in accordance with the criteria established by the department responsible for the case. needed. of education, which verifies that they comply with current regulations. In other words, Generalitat will continue to ensure that the immersion is maintained at all costs.

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