Why the Sienna Miller or “Rich White Woman” Look in ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ Works

loss looks like from sienna miller in ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ (Netflix, 2022) The internet is being discussed. in general, they are quite ancient dresses in which some flashy style lesson,

  1. In no chapter does he resort to the helper ‘Total black’. In fact, there are almost no black clothes in the closet of the interesting Sophie Whitehouse. And in a world where it’s easy to go for the jeans + t-shirt combo or totally dark clothing, it’s refreshing, especially after hearing that “black is synonymous with elegance” like this one insidious and catchy song. Was.
  2. blends neutral tones very well To impart that aura of sophistication. There is no clear combination of black and white, but there are more subtle and magnetic combinations, such as Beige and pearl gray, or ocher with blue, is there any Cameltone rawgreat appearances of Teja and of Verde bottle. The only concession to something remotely expected is with jeans in some of the outfits that Miller wears in the series, always in the context of the region.
  3. generally, All styles are based on clothing that respects their proportions And, one way or another, even when the pattern is loose, there is always a cut at the waist, which helps to create proportionality, a rule that also applies. Spanish business people who are becoming more and more aware of the power of their image,
  4. have A selection that suits your lifestyle Of which it is believed that their purchases (or whichever comes to the same thing, the work of the series’ wardrobe and styling team) have been impeccable. He has no paid office work and a good part of his day, it is believed, revolves around a family of four who have two children who also have outside help. Thus, she needs clothing that can be transferred from a home context to a school with a very specific dress code, without forgetting other formal pieces that are in accordance with her husband’s professional and political context, resulting in a good amount of simple dresses (both knitted and shirt-dress), long midi, straight pants; mid heel shoes and boots and a good fist shelters The impeccable outfits that finished the geolocated look in London. Because yes, the city matters too.

With all this on the table, it’s easy to say Sienna Miller’s character in ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’ is one of the series’ best costumes at the moment. If Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘Sex and the City’, Jennifer Aniston in ‘Friends’ or Blake Lively and Leighton Meester in ‘Gossip Girl’ have marked a beauty milestone, it’s something that will change as time passes. And the fan revels in enthusiasm. However, it shows Few Doses of Beauty Care That Gives Magnetic Results, which undoubtedly attracts: clothes look perfect but not flashy, combination, hypnotic but not heavy or boring; It is a complex balance between meditation and naturalness. ‘I do not know what’ Some people call it. But in this glamor of authentic elegance, there is one question to ask, and it is of precisely that ideal. Do we like these outfits because they are noble or does someone great within the canon of white and rich women wear them?

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Maybe you’ve ever been familiar with the concept of ,white rich woman, on social media, especially TIC Toc: account of Nicholas Flannery, Among others, it popularized the stereotypes of these characters in terms of clothing and lifestyle; Some of those videos got hundreds of thousands of views and in that time, they went viral. And they were, as is the case with this type of humour, because the caricature is based on reality. How many rich white women we’ve seen wander through their spacious homes lost sight of when they reach their kitchen island Pour yourself a glass of wine you don’t even have to open Because are you ready for them? how many they have sighed wrapped in his garden In a cashmere foulard while a gentle breeze shakes her broken blonde hair? you get the idea. We have lots of audio-visual images to support these stereotypes.‘Big Little Lies’ Involved. and now, ‘Anatomy of a Scandal’.

Sophie, or Sienna, if you’re one of those people who always calls actresses by their names and not the characters they play, then she is one rich blonde lady. It’s more nuanced than its peers as its history requires, but the premise is as painfully Qualification and success story That the system has been selling us for years: deprived girl who fights and builds herself until she reaches a comfortable position Which facilitates not only the University but also the University Contact what does he do in it and, in the end, his husband and his political family, The mother-in-law’s extreme remarks about what she deserved or not, you will surely remember. And although there are different interpretations of this product depending on the level of reading you are at, there is one simple and clear one: As the country is, same should be the guise, Which on an aesthetic level means that if you want to be part of the rich, you have to dress like them.

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This is a debate that we have already dealt with, because the fact is that right now money has no beauty, But if the recent audiovisual masterpiece ‘Who is Anna?’ has also shown us something that is relatable and dramatic to the story of thug Anna Delvy, that many of the rich don’t want to be seen as pretentious: they opt for simplicity and silent luxury. something that matches very well with standards Policy, Simple and formal clothing that oozes power without seeming too far from reality and therefore of voter, No, Sophie isn’t in active politics, but her husband is, and inevitably, her public appearance matters. It was clear in (alert, spoiler) whether or not to go to court, and also in James, the husband’s final speech. in his face.

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We can fit Sienna’s Sophie into the increasingly famous silent luxury, The one that has become increasingly popular and that, like Sophie’s outfits, is pretty cool. they can be added quickly more responsible consumptionbecause the standard tells us that Those pieces never go out of style and, therefore, the investments are higher sustainable Those who fight against overproduction and excessive purchase of unused clothes later. They can, in a certain way, allow personal style and taste to dominate the ultimate fuchsia pink dress that, of course, won’t last more than two years in the closet. But it cannot be forgotten that we are looking at these simple clothes with this desire, there is something in it too. class distinction,

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as i already commented Patricia AguidazuAn expert in image and fashion analysis, the idea that the wealthy wear neutral tones (like many used by Miller in the series) came from antiquity and from a textile heritage that is still valid today: “Colorful dyes are not easily applied to fine fabrics And therefore more expensive, like fine linen or silk. For this reason, those tissues are almost always They will be released in a neutral tone and the only people who can get them are the people with the money. They will have it for the high price. It can be applied to simple forms and, in general, to everything that, in principle, does not attract much attention, to the maximum. ‘Stealth Money’, word supported by don’t want to hurt feelings By making a clear display of money… but it doesn’t succeed in the effort: the idea and beauty are already so pervasive that it’s almost as striking as a logo.

The last factor that must be substantiated, although it may already be implicit, is the fact that it ‘old money’ stable It has long, long been associated with the elite of power, who have always seen each other and who have historically set trends even before the term originated. Already in those first French newspapers that were consumed with pleasure and which constituted a minor predecessor of the fashion press, the customs and styles that were reviewed and attempted to copy those of the court, It is true that the years and dissection of the industry and its socio-cultural influences have counterculture And society is also imposing itself in terms of trends, but following a kind of unwritten law, The rich classes have done their job again: Trends become valid when determined agents, who normally remain on top, take orders. So, although criticized and parodied, the form of “rich white woman” still works today and probably will be for some time.

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