‘Wild’, a film that convinces herders and animals to come along with the wolves


Lex Gallen’s documentary becomes a phenomenon in Asturias, second only to “Top Gun” in theaters. His proposal to analyze the debate around the animal as a symptom of rural abandonment convinces two irreconcilable sides to the conflict.

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Image from the movie ‘Savage’. Wolf’s story.World
  • leu The Iberian wolf will be unable to hunt anywhere in Spain
  • environment Cantabria defies government and authorizes hunting wolves in areas most attacked

According to the now classic interpretation of Eric Fromm, in the story of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf is the man who is always on the hunt who threatens the girl’s virginity. In Hobbes’s theory of state, the same. The wolf is again the same man who is ready to eat the same man this time. The wolf, in short, has historically and mythologically been an inexhaustible source of fear, fighting and blood. But also hope. Where he reigns, there is life. Wild. wolf story is a documentary lex galno It speaks of the law approved by the current government in general and in particular which prohibits the hunting of the animal and protects it completely. Incidentally, more importantly, it stops at an ongoing conflict in which perhaps the wolf is nothing more than an excuse for, well, conflict.

hence the subtitle The story of the wolf. The animal rarely appears in the film. It symbolizes the confrontation between two worlds, if you wish. The wolf is caught in an emotional web of two irreconcilable attitudes. This acts like a broken hinge for some and others, perhaps to disguise something as obvious as the abandonment of the rural world, taking the experience of living in Asturias in Galen, Madrid and other cities in Spain from yesterday. ready for. There the film has become quite an event. Some admitted to us that they hadn’t been in movies for three decades; Others, who got up at five o’clock in the morning before leaving for Gijon, had time to graze the cattle, commenting proudly to the director, happy at the box office only to be beaten by top Gun.

Over the course of two years, Galn y su Equipo built-in Among ranchers in the highest, most beautiful and hostile part of the Cantabrian Mountains. His idea, before filming anything, was to gain the shepherds’ trust with the sole purpose that when it came time to shoot, what was seen would inevitably be honest. Truth. and so it is. The composition of the film is approximately a. is like western Collects the testimonies of some free men. and injured. barbaric in his own way. And it is determined to remove the false window filter from the rural world. They are not Indians on reservation. They just want to be heard, they say.

The new law has been made in good faith all over the world. But this law makes the feeling of abandonment worse. And when a person feels abandoned, he makes the wrong decision. Look what happened in Portugal. A similar law popularized the poison and made the wolf there practically extinct. And not only him, the poison kills everything, he explains with the weight of the sediment and hours of listening.

Galen gives voice to those who don’t understand that 50% of wolves are allowed to be killed in Sweden and that Spain has more wolves than the rest of Europe (If it’s not explained, it hurts. And that’s where Vox comes in. The wolf in Asturias gives and removes mayors). Galan says that restricting controls leads to false and disastrous solutions from smuggling (we come from the dark years when there was such Francoist talk about provincial boards for the extinction of vermin, a de facto standard for all animals). was the plague). Gallen suspects that nothing is said about the price of diesel when talking about wolves or that for 27 years paying for sheep meat in supermarkets or that local commerce is already a luxury (The wolf is the scapegoat for real problems. it’s always been like this,

It is as simple as an animalist recognizing that control is essential and understanding a shepherd the same way that no one wants to live in a world of dirt without wolves or oaks. This happens at every screening of the film. It is not utopian or voluntary. Everyone wants to understand each other and live in peace. Only a few always want struggle, The manager ends. And he does it proudly. prouder than a pilot top Gun.

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